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Dodgers News: ESPN’s Orel Hershiser Talks Dodgers, Yasiel Puig

Orel HershiserAhead of the Dodgers-Rays Sunday night matchup, former Dodger pitcher Orel Hershiser was in town to talk about his former team and their recent 34-8 stretch.

Hershiser was with the Dodgers for 13 seasons and compiled a record of 135-107 with a 3.12 ERA while winning the World Series in 1988.

In the Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio this morning, the “Bulldog” talked about the Dodgers recent hot stretch:

I think the league cooled off a bit and the Dodgers got hot and healthy. Kemp is still out, but this is a veteran club that’s been playing well on the road. The pitching staff is absolutely amazing right now and could be the best 1-2-3 in the league. They’re (the Dodgers) the hip new place to go and Dodger Stadium is a great place to go again.

While it doesn’t sound like the most flattering compliment, it’s good to hear people talking about the Dodgers for the right reasons.

After the debacle of the McCourt era to the terrible 30-42 start this season, the Dodgers have had a target on their backs during the highs and lows of the season.

Many are waiting for the Dodgers to regress and slip up, but they’ve met every challenge thus far and have shown no signs of slowing down.

Cowherd asked Hershiser about Puig and he’s excited to get his first look at him:

It’s our first Puig look. People are going to see a tremendous athelte. He’s gone from base running gaffes to unbelievalbe plays on defense. You’ll see everything. I think it’s a concentration issue and he’ll show intelligence and then on the next play look stupid. He’ll be a lot of fun if he can keep it all together.

Due to their torrid stretch the Dodgers played two games on ESPN against the Cardinals and will be in the national spotlight again this weekend on Saturday (Fox) and Sunday on ESPN.


In case you missed it, be sure to find out the latest on Matt Kemp’s ankle injury.


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