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Dodgers News: Former Hitting Coach Has Thoughts on LA’s Playoff Loss

Nothing beats the feeling of winning ball games no matter how big or small they are, but the exact opposite can be said in losing. If you don’t play each day to come out and win then you are in the wrong profession.

The Dodgers were accustomed to winning all season long, but when it came to the postseason everything came crashing down. It was a tough pill to swallow for Dodgers fans and it gave something for the team to reflect on. 

Plenty of adjustments can be made for the team for the upcoming season and former LA coach Mark McGwire knows all too tell of what it’s like to lose ball games. McGwire understands how hard it will be to get past this (via AM570 LA Sports).

The Dodgers are full of true professionals and veterans that understand you can’t win it every single year. The bounce back is always going to be greater, but how are they going to handle this level of adversity?

There is much speculation to be made of how the roster will look moving forward, but the team can be certain that in order to not repeat mistakes someone needs to take charge and be the leader this team needs. 

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Dodgers: Former Hitting Coach Analyzes Cody Bellinger’s Struggles


  1. This situation doesn’t necessarily call for a drastic change in personnel. Yeah, JT can’t catch up to post-season fastballs and CK isn’t the pitcher he used to be and Cody is really torqued out of shape but all of them can get you to the post-season and we need to get there before we can win it all.
    The tale of the last few seasons has been laced with injuries. This year we had injuries and problems with our offensive approach that became two of the most significant causes of the failure. A team that won 111 games shouldn’t need major overhaul; maybe it’s about not making adjustments as the pundants are claiming and being blindly optimistic about recovering athletes. Those are primarily leadership mistakes.
    I keep hearing “we beat the Padres 14 out of 19 in the regular season”…totally irrelevant because they were a different team after the trade deadline that put it together precisely when it mattered and made strategy changes in the post-season. Again, leadership, injuries and misplaced optimism.
    Also, IMHO: We need to step in and fix Cody; not let him walk. If it doesn’t work this time we can release or trade him mid-season AT NO GREATER COST THAN NON-TENDERING HIM NOW. Sooner or later, someone is going to get him right. Might as well be us.

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