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Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman is Quietly Putting Together a Ridiculous Season for LA

Freddie Freeman is having a remarkable season in his second year with the Dodgers. Nevertheless, many Dodger fans have overlooked his amazing accomplishments since Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are having equally astonishing seasons.

Saturday Freeman hit two home runs to give him 20.

It also put him in a stratosphere that’s never been reached in the history of baseball.

Freeman became the first major leaguer to have 20+ home runs, 125+ hits, 10+ stolen bases, and 40+ walks before August. He has 35 doubles to lead the major leagues and is on pace to have more than sixty when the season is over to join an elite group in history. His .331 batting average is third best in the major leagues.

Freeman excels at baseball without any fanfare, and he wants and expects to be in the lineup daily. While having awesome offensive statistics, he plays Gold Glove-caliber first base, preventing many runs from scoring. While he views baseball as a job, he knows how to have fun.

His dancing at the Dodger Gala inspired the new Dodger dance when they hit a double.

Watching Freeman play, it is obvious he enjoys the game. He is a leader in the clubhouse and likes having Jason Heyward, his best friend for 17 years, on the Dodgers. He helped to convince the Dodgers to sign Heyward to a minor league contract after Heyward’s disastrous time with the Chicago Cubs, and Heyward has been fantastic for the Dodgers.

Freeman is undoubtedly the best free-agent signing that Andrew Friedman ever had. For the last two seasons, he has helped the Dodgers dominate the opposition.

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