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Dodgers News: Free Agent Pitcher Andrew Heaney Reportedly Signs With LA

On Monday, the first official Ken Rosenthal hot-stove tweet hit Twitter when former Angel and Yankee Andrew Heaney reportedly signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The one-year deal is worth north of $8.5 million, according to’s Mark Feinsand.

What Does He Bring

Heaney is an ‘upside’ signing. His numbers overall the past few seasons have not been great. In 2021 he posted a total 5.83 ERA and an ERA+ of 76, with 100 being considered league average. Heaney strikes out a lot of hitters but also gives up a lot of hits, being especially home run prone the last few seasons. The Dodgers front office clearly views Heaney as a ‘reclamation project‘ of sorts. It’s hard to pitch well when you play for the Anaheim Angels. That seems like a shot at the organization but there is a mysterious factor that pitchers tend to get hit harder in Anaheim.

With the Dodgers elite pitching staff and coaching, Heaney could be ironed out into a 4th or 5th starter, with a bullpen or long relief role always an option, as well.

Breaking: Dodgers Sign Andrew Heaney! Why LA Signed Him & Will it Be a Good or Bad Signing?

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  1. This will be the first of msny off season moves Friedman will make. Haney has a rough track record but a big upside. The pt about him being w the Angels is valid. W a 27% k rate our guys should be able to make him into at least a #5 starter. Any more is gravy.

  2. This is a horrible signing. Heaney was even cut by the Yankees. He brings nothing to the table. Should have saved that (overpaid) money for Chris Taylor, etc.

    1. Typical Friedman bargain basement signing he practiced before opening the checkbook for Mookie. Part of him still running the Rays. This will prove to be a totals waste of money. Yankees were desperate for starting pitching. Total flameout. Better have something way better up his sleeve than this. Likely scouring the OR’s for Tommy John cases. He loves those!

  3. That a lot of money to pay for a lottery ticket. Not a good use of resources in my opinion.

  4. I remember us getting him with Kike and Austin from Miami and then flipping him to the Angels for Howie Kendrick and I was like NOOO!! Well, wrong on that one. Heaney had a #1, #2 starter tag on his projections. Well, it looks like Friedman knew something we didn’t. Maybe he knows something again.

  5. It is an odd first move by Friedman, one that will soon be forgotten in light of other moves. The fact that several contenders were looking at Heaney suggests that he’s a reasonable gamble, and the money doesn’t affect other FA targets–it’s less than we would have paid Kelly next year, or other relievers we won’t keep.

  6. I’m curious to see what becomes of the Cole Hammels signing (incident). I call it an incident because of what happened immediately afterward. No accusations, just wondering.

  7. Just more dumpster picking on the part of the big dumpster himself, Friedham. Like the rest have said…could have used this extra cash to keep someone else from leaving. What a shame that Friedham seems to always miss the true potential stars as seen by teams like the Braves, where half of their team was picked up during mid-season and look what happened to them? Smart pickings led a potential playoff team to becoming the WS Champs. Put this guy on the trash list with Cole Hamels. Stupid is what stupid does….Andrew.

  8. Heaney has great stuff but needs superior coaching to smooth out the rough edges. I have watched him for ages it seems like and he would pitch 7 innings of 3 hit ball one outing and get bombed the next. I see him as a low risk/high reward type signing. A very good move and plus, the Dodgers get a possible long lefty guy they didn’t have at crucial times during their last playoff series!!!

  9. Dumpster Driving (also known politely as Waste Management) continues. At least this one requires a medical exam. His gopher ball problem is pretty common in LALA Land!

  10. More wasted money and time on a hopeless “project”. That $8 mil could have been spent to help resign Taylor, Scherzer, or even Seager. A dumb move, but nothing out of ordinary for the FO.

  11. Just remember not so long ago when Heaney would have been a #1 or #2 starter on the Dodgers. Back in the days of Chad Billingsley…This is not exactly what a team with Championship ideals makes as their first off season move. Maybe the FO feels after they under bid everyone for Scherz, Kenley and Kersh, they can cut a fat hog on a few “experiments” like Heaney. Moves like this make me HOPE for a Strike….

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