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Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Exits With Leg Injury on Sunday

The Dodgers were looking to take one more game in Denver on Sunday before heading back to Los Angeles. Seeking the series sweep, they sent out David Price to pitch and get as deep into the game as he could. 

Unfortunately, the Dodgers won’t walk away from this series completely healthy. They already lost Mookie Betts to a hip injury on Saturday night late in the game, and they had another guy come out of the game on Sunday. 

Gavin Lux grounded a ball to the right side in the top of the 9th inning, But the Dodgers shortstop barely made it out of the box before grabbing the back of his leg and hobbling towards first base. The training staff came out onto the field and walked him back into the third-base dugout. 

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The Dodgers moved Max Muncy over to second base and Chris Taylor slid over to shortstop as a result. Albert Pujols came into the game to hit in the 9th and he moved over to first base. All of this because of Lux having to exit the game. 

The hope at this point is that Lux is only suffering from a cramp. Playing in Denver can be very physically demanding and the Dodgers have had to deal with cramping in the past. The good news is that Mookie is set to return to the lineup on Monday, so hopefully Lux has the same luck. 

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  1. Not doing too much offensively anyways. Hey Dave, how do you justify someone batting .180 to bat lead off? Might as well put a pitcher there. Of course you finally moved Cody off of batting cleanup. Took you long enough. He looks totally lost at the plate. Cody might benefit some time in A ball

  2. Great move Dave. Put a .176 hitter in a critical spot in the lineup where he is likely to get extra at bats…..Brilliant……Good thing you are the players friend…..

    1. No kidding here, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw today’s lineup. He’s swinging missing pitches that are right out over the plate. And today’s game he continues to look lost.

  3. Something tells me
    Bellingers biggest albatross is what is going on in his personal life?
    He needs to be sent down and a meeting scheduled with a psychiatrist.
    And a visit with a barber.

  4. Both Bellinger and Lux have been less than adequate (forget about impressive) this year. It is hard to justify continuously sending up guys on the lineup card, who aren’t hitting and not showing any signs of improving. I’m not sure what these two need, but it is most certainly NOT showing up on a lineup card any time soon. This season is an ongoing drama about injuries, season long slumps by stars, far too many errors and an inability to win in extra innings. The Giants are playing far too good for the Dodgers to put their feet up and wait for a collapse by the team that’s leading MLB with the best record. The next two weeks will be a chance for this club to turn it up and turn it around, or just shrug and roll over.

  5. Anyone keeping track of how many save opportunities Jansen has blown since he said he was insulted by not being picked for the Allstar team? What’s he got 7-8 blown saves this year? Just wondering

  6. What kind of experiment was that? I thought they had a game plan to kick start Belli, but no, it was typical Cody go up and take your hacks as usual. I have figured he was going to take the 2-strike approach, or use his speed to push bunt down 3rd w/ the shift on him, or force him to shorten his swing to get on base. Is anybody coaching him up? I guess not because he’s making an embarrassment on the coaching staff and himself. His attitude today shows me he doesn’t give a rip and want to screw the guy who came up w/ that idea. I have a better idea…. make the pitcher bat 8th and Belli hit 9th. At least the pitchers are making contact and getting hits, then have Belli sacrifice them over…. maybe he can beat out the bunt and get his hit.

    1. Shaka808U, even though Roberts cites Cody’s past success against Gray, that was NO JUS TIFICATION whatsoever to put him and his .170 BA in the leadoff spot for Sunday’s game. I just can’t believe Roberts would bat Bellinger leadoff when even without Betts available there were much better choices. Not surprisingly. Cody goes 0 for 4 with another K. Its another example of how Roberts himself finds ways to contribute to some of this tesms losses.

  7. If it’s a significant hamstring injury, Lux needs to go on IL sooner rather than in a few days so the team isn’t yet short another position player while Lux sits on the bench. Right now Dodgers will not miss Lux being out of lineup one bit because like Bellinger , Lux is another weak link in the batting order not producing enough to remain an everyday player.

    1. losing Lux is ok if Corey’s ready to come back this week. Dodgers continue to cut it close as soon as they get someone back they lose another one

  8. Been saying t for a while and will say it again. Just look up Chase Carter’s history as an Instagram model. Dated Giancarlo Stanton and moved west and hooked up with Cody. Smart girl. Looking for a multi millionaire athlete. She found one who’s obviously not as street smart as Giancarlo. Gets pregnant and done deal. Seems to be a party girl and showed Cody a brave new world. One that obviously distracts from his day job. Just my opinion, but he seems like a lost cause. Miss the old clean cut focused super star we had a few years ago.

    1. you may be on to something, plus Cody’s outrageous huge contract after 1 great year. at least he can play D, but bat him 7th

  9. Get rid of him and Lux and do the team a favor.Throw in Barnes and we get 9 less automatic outs in the lineup. Pathetic!

    1. Sad but true. Roberts however won’t remove Bellinger from the lineup because of his defense. Lux? He needs to be sent out to OKC for a while. Dodger 1955, right on about those two an Barnes to equal 3 automatic outs in the lineup. But Roberts won’t change or do anything to fix this issue.

  10. What give with all the injuries??? someone is not doing the job.. of course we all know Roberts isn’t….he could be the big fault.. lol.. no he is!!!

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