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Dodgers News: How a Missed ACT Test Propelled Mookie Betts’ Baseball Career

Mookie Betts is a six-time MLB All-Star. He’s a two-time All-MLB First Team member, an MVP Award winner, a five-time Silver Slugger and a six-time Gold Glove Award winner. He’s a two-time Wilson Defensive Player of the Year, a member of the 30-30 club, an American League batting champ and has hit for the cycle. Oh, and he’s also a two-time World Series champion. Did I mention he’s only 30?

Betts has had an incredible career so far in the major leagues, and is still only halfway done. He has a chance to go down as one of the greatest players ever, with a trophy case that’s overflowing with awards.

However, all of this success almost never happened.

Betts joined Kevin Hart on the LOL Network’s “Cold as Balls”, a hilarious show starring Hart that I highly recommend you watch. Hart and his guests slowly make their way into an ice bath, as they talk about their journeys through life. You can watch the full interview with Betts here:

In the conversation, Hart asked Betts about his MLB career, and how it almost didn’t even happen. Betts explained that he almost decided to go back to school, however, one missed ACT test ended up saving his career.

“I was playing so bad. I was bad, a month straight,” Betts said. “The only reason why I didn’t go back to school was because that night, we played extra innings, and I had an ACT the next morning. So I didn’t get home until 1 o’clock, and I was like, ‘Ain’t no way I can wake up at 7 o’clock to be at the ACT by 8.’ So I was like, you know what, I’m just gonna miss it.”

Missing the test ended up being the best decision Betts could have made, because rather than going back to school, he stuck with baseball. He continued working on his craft, and in no time, he was excelling at the game.

“To be honest, it was just, I made a little mechanical change,” Betts said, “and I just started being successful.”

Well, whatever that mechanical change was, I’m sure Dodger fans are very grateful for it. Because Betts, one of baseball’s premier players, has already brought one championship to Los Angeles, and has no plans of stopping.

He has much higher aspirations for the rest of his career, and that means a lot more winning with the Boys in Blue.

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