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Dodgers News: Jake Marisnick Talks Signing with LA, Elephant in the Room

When the Dodgers acquired Jake Marisnick over the All-Star break, everyone wondered how his new teammates would accept him. Marisnick was a member of the 2017 Houston Astros who cheated during the World Series against the Dodgers.

The Los Angeles media won’t let the scandal die even though Clayton Kershaw, Chris Taylor, and Austin Barnes are the only Dodger players who remain from the 2017 Dodgers.

Friday, Marisnick addressed the elephant in the room.

“People make mistakes in this world and if you make a mistake and you’re open about it and you talk about it, it typically goes over a little better,” Marisnick said. “I’m open if there are any questions here. There’s been a few jokes already, kind of keeping it light which is good.” 

“Obviously what happened. I can’t change that. I can only come in here and help this team win ballgames.”

Via OC Register.

Marisnick was not on the active roster during the 2017 World Series. But the phrase guilty by association rings loudly in this scenario the Dodgers find themselves in. Seemingly, the veteran outfielder had that in the back of his mind when the Dodgers came calling earlier this week. But, he said it was a non-issue on his part.

“No. Any time a team of this caliber calls I don’t think there’s any hesitation,” he said.

If Marisnick contributes to the Dodgers and helps them win the National League Western Division title in 2023, all is forgiven. He didn’t have a major role on the 2017 Astros. He fills a role the Dodgers need because they didn’t want to continue with rookie Jonny Deluca as a right-handed outfielder who only plays against left-handers.

As for how Dodger fans might feel about him once he plays in front of the home crowd at Dodger Stadium, he’s keeping it simple. 

“I’m hoping I go out and help this team win ballgames and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

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  1. This signing is totally disgusting. I am livid with the front office. DO NOT reward a cheater by forgetting all about it and moving forward. He should have been banned from baseball. I HATE THIS!!!!

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