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Dodgers News: JD Martinez, Kenley Jansen Question Boston’s Decision To Trade Mookie Betts

When it was announced that the Boston Red Sox were trading star outfielder Mookie Betts to the Dodgers, it was seen as a strange move across Major League Baseball. Betts was Boston’s leader and best player, and normally teams don’t move on from those generational types of players.

But the team was set on not paying him the money that he deserved, leading to them looking to move on. As Betts made his return to Fenway Park last weekend, the entire baseball world was reminded of this fact.

So, when looking back, the move still doesn’t make a ton of sense. Betts won the 2018 American League MVP award and the 2018 World Series in Boston, so it remains a mystery why they moved him as one of baseball’s budding superstars.

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman jumped on the opportunity to get a player of his caliber, and the rest is history.

“It fit our roster in that moment in time so perfectly,” Friedman said.

Per The Athletic

He added that the team was “extremely fortunate” that the Dodgers were able to get him for what turned out to be not very much of a return.

The Dodgers benefitted from their mistake and ultimately won the World Series with Betts in his first season in LA. Some players across the league questioned the decision from Boston, including a few current and former Dodgers.

J.D. Martinez, who played with Betts in Boston, opened up about the trade recently.

“You don’t let a guy like that walk,” Martinez said. “You gotta do whatever you need to do to sign him.”

Per The Athletic

The move to trade Betts sent shockwaves throughout Red Sox nation. He was the face of the team and a beloved player by the fans. It was the type of move that a franchise comes to regret years later, and so far, it seems that is the case.

Closer Kenley Jansen, who won the 2020 World Series with Betts, gave his thoughts on the situation as well. He is now a member of the Red Sox, so he gets a glimpse into what the team is missing in Betts every day.

“I don’t know what happened here,” said longtime Dodgers (and current Red Sox) closer Kenley Jansen. “But it’s crazy to me to let a guy like that walk. You don’t give up a guy like that.”

Per The Athletic

The Red Sox made a mistake. It happens throughout sports, but this one could have been avoided.

The Dodgers are surely glad that he is a member of their organization for the rest of his career. Betts has come to Los Angeles and embraced the city during his few years here. It has been a great start to his Dodgers tenure, and hopefully, they can grab a few more World Series titles while he’s around.

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  1. Unfortunately we are still saddled with the worst manager in baseball. Roberts is what I refer to as a iPhone manager. Strictly a percentage guy, no feel for the game. I’m preparing myself for another early exit from playoffs.

  2. As a 7 decade fan of the Dodgers, we are blessed to have Mookie Betts. That was more than a great trade for us. I can understand how the fans of Boston feel, I equate that trade to the trading of Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza, both Hall of Famer’s.

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