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Dodgers News: JD Martinez Offers Up Painfully Honest Assessment of Mookie Betts

The MLB Home Run Derby has come and gone, and we have reached a conclusion about something – Mookie Betts isn’t really much of the home run hitter we think he is. At least in that format.

And his Dodgers teammate, J.D. Martinez, can attest to that as he doesn’t consider the seven-time All-Star as a power hitter.

Despite being tied third in the majors with the most home runs so far this season (26), Betts should mostly be considered as the Dodgers’ best in-game hitter.

Martinez is usually the one that gives Betts a hard time during batting practice.

“I tell him all the time, ‘Bro, whenever you suck, you hit homers in BP’ … I don’t consider Mookie as a ‘power hitter.’ I consider him an elite contact hitter, who hits the ball the right way.”

JD Martinez – The Los Angeles Times

But just because you don’t hit homers as powerful as the rest of the league’s sluggers, doesn’t mean that you can’t be among one of baseball’s elites.

Especially with his size (5-foot-9, 180-lb frame), Betts’ ability to elevate the ball over gloves in crucial moments is unmatched.

“It’s a really efficient swing…There’s a lot of twitch in there and a lot of bat speed. His ability to create some torque, it amazes me sometimes.”

Dodgers First base Coach, Clayton McCullough via The Los Angeles Times

Not even getting past the first round, Mookie Betts had his own doubts before his first attempt at the Home Run Derby.

“Uh, I’m 5-9, 170 pounds…I don’t think that many guys my size win the Home Run Derby”, Betts explained to LA Times reporter, Jack Harris.

Take a look at the film yourself. The majority of his home runs aren’t bombs like the ones Mike Trout or Aaron Judge launch.

Mookie is a natural leadoff hitter and gives the Dodgers exactly what they need – a hitter they can depend on.

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