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Dodgers News: Juan Soto Surprised By Support From LA Fans

Dodgers fans are doing everything that they can to tell Juan Soto that Los Angeles is a great place to play. At the All-Star Game, chants of ‘future Dodgers’ poured in from the outfield pavilions. Even with the Nationals in town this week, Soto gets cheered for when he is introduced. 

And with good reason. Who wouldn’t want Juan Soto on their team? With abundant trade speculation comes a lot of hopes and dreams for Dodgers fans. It happens every year around this date. But this might be the first time that LA fans have openly cheered for a player that has never played for their team. 

And it has taken Soto by surprise. Since he is in town playing the Dodgers, Soto was asked about the reception he has received since the All-Star Game. And he was pretty surprised to hear fans chanting those things out in the pavilion. 

Obviously, chanting at him isn’t going to do much to sway a trade from the Nationals. That’s not really in his hands. But it has to feel good knowing a franchise like the Dodgers wants you patrolling the outfield for them. 

If he were to end up with the Dodgers, it’s pretty clear he would be very loved in Los Angeles. 

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