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Dodgers News: Julio Urias to Undergo Shoulder Surgery

The news has just broke out that Julio Urias is going to have surgery on his injured left shoulder.

It was reported that there were growing concerns inside of the organization due to the fact that the diagnosed minor injury was not healing as it should.

Urias was sent back to Los Angeles to see Dr. Neal El Attrache and it looks as though he found some that the previous doctor did not.

According to Andy McCullough of the LA Times, this is the same surgery that ended Johan Santana’s Major League career as an ace.

Julio Urias, at just 20 years old will have plenty of time to get back to what was expected of him, but it is up in the air now as to whether or not he will ever be the same.

According to Andrew Friedman, the injury happened on a single pitch instead of wear and tear so it could be an easier recovery for Urias than it would be for a player with thousands more pitches under their belt.

This injury should sideline him for the rest of the 2017 season and possibly a portion of 2018.

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  1. let us wish the young man well- years ago the dodgers had a young left hander named carl spooner (held the major league strike out record for 3 consec games-then arm trouble they could fix today. Urias has done nothing in the bigs. lets let him rest and hope for a recovery. believe me scott boras is praying too

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