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Dodgers News: Ken Rosenthal Says Teams will play in 2020, Just a Matter of When

The Dodgers and their fanbase want nothing more than to get baseball up and running as soon as possible. While there are reports flying around the league on what baseball this year could look like, it seems to be changing by the day.

The initial consensus was the Major League Baseball was working towards a plan that would isolate teams anywhere from one to three states. That plan would likely place the Dodgers in Arizona to play without fans for a good chunk of the season. Ken Rosenthal elaborated on the rumored plans, noting that it might end up being even more states.

Now it seems, with the possibility of states opening back up, baseball is considering maybe expanding upon what we already discussed earlier. So we see talk of playing in three states…my understanding is that they’ve talked about going to five states, maybe from two to twelve states depending again on what the experts and the government advises. 

Most importantly, Rosenthal notes that baseball is going to follow whatever individual states seem to follow. So if other states start to pull back on the stay at home orders like Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma, then MLB might consider changing things up. So while Dodgers fans have been worried about ever seeing their team play, Rosenthal offers some more encouragement. 

My expectation is still ‘they’re going to play’…There is a lot of momentum at least along the owners and Major league Baseball itself to try to do their best to get something going with no fans, at least at the start. 

The country starting to slowly open up could be an excellent sign for baseball. It’s likely that fans will not be able to attend for a good portion of the season, but the sport returning is certainly a priority over spectators. We’re getting closer Dodgers fans. 

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  1. MLB could isolate teams in colleges that have dorms, cafeterias and baseball fields. Teams could take busses and chartered flights that keep them isolated. By the time the school needs it’s campus back everything would obviously be back to operating as usual.

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