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Dodgers News: LA Analyst Slams Club, Calls for More Bunting, Small Ball

A 7-5 loss against the San Francisco Giants in extra innings leads to another disappointing result from the Dodgers Bullpen, leaving fans scratching their heads and wondering what exactly is going on wrong with the Boys in Blue in late innings.

Allowing six earned runs in five innings, there’s no doubt the bullpen blew the game, but Sportsnet LA analyst and former Dodger, Jerry Hairston Jr., had plenty to say about the Dodgers’ ability to hit in crucial moments.

“If you’re not a a 40 home run guy, you [have to] get the bunt down.”

Via Jerry Hairston Jr. – SportsNet LA

Hairston Jr., who played two seasons with the Dodgers before retiring in 2012, expressed his frustrations on the SportsNet LA Dodgers postgame show, stating that the Dodgers “gave the game away” by not being able to play great, situational baseball.

With 10 hits and 11 men left on bases, LA had a lot of trouble getting runners to home plate all night long.

“It’s winning baseball games, man… especially with the bullpen’s [current] struggles… we had the chance to battle back,” says Hairston Jr.

With the Dodgers’ inability to get runs in the moments that were needed, there were also a handful of defensive blunders, on top of the bullpen’s struggles, allowing the Giants to get back into the game and diminishing Emmet Sheehan’s first MLB start, where he had six scoreless innings and three strikeouts.

For Dave Roberts and the boys in blue, it’s all about moving forward. Let’s see how the Dodgers can redeem themselves tonight as star rookie Bobby Miller takes the mound against the Giants and Alex Wood.

Jerry Reynoso

Formerly a Fan Correspondent for LAFC's partnered Youtube show, 110 Football, Jerry is a lover of all sports far and wide. Jerry is also the Sports Director for Cal State - Long Beach's radio station, where he is currently pursuing his BA in Journalism, but when he isn't working, Jerry plays a lot of golf - and we mean A LOT of golf.


  1. Puppet manager won’t bunt or play small ball because Friedman won’t let him. Friedman doesn’t believe in small ball or Stolen bases. Until the organization hires real baseball minds they won’t win again I hope they fall this year. So changes could be made. These idiots need to go.

  2. What Jerry Hairston Jr said about the Dodgers playing situational baseball are words that are CLUELESS to CLUELESS Dave Roberts. HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO MANAGE USING “SMALL BALL,” & HAS NO CLUE WHEN IT COMES TO SITUATIONAL BASEBALL OR HANDLING PITCHERS. He took out Miller today for Vesia against SF with 2 runners on. He walked the next batter, bases loaded, and SF Mgr Kapler (Who is 10X the MGR Roberts is) pinch hits J.D. Davis for Left handed hitter (believe Conforto), and BANG, Grans Salami! Why did he spontaneously pull Miller? Didn’t he know Kapler would pinch hit a right handed batter? And Davis the hits a GRAND SALAMI-Game OVER!
    There are many NON fixable problems with LA, and it starts with Roberts, who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Remember his pitching moves lost the 2017 WS! Fact is, he was gifted with great players when he took over the Dodgers MGR job. He simply rolled the ball out to all those terrific players, and said GO PLAY! The guy is a LUMP! NO Energy, TOUGHNESS, or EMOTION or even ANGER at losing 15-0! LA has lots of problems with pitching, and yes, injuries have hurt, but WHY is Austin “Caddy4Kershaw” Barnes still in the Bigs? FAT MAX MUNCY is Roberts Pet; he’s only hitting .193, and J Heyward got a favor (a job) from Freddie! The BARGAIN BASEMENT reclamation players that Friedman & Jaffe have pursued, and signed, while letting solid, terrific ML players like Machado, Seager, and Turner leave, is inexcusable! Watch out Dodger Nation…this Dodgers team is inches from exploding & seeing their season go down in flames. The lack of ZERO ENERGY is palpable! There is ZERO enthusiasm! NO ONE, ala Kirk Gibson, is willing to challenge his teammates, and Dave Roberts is absent… a joke as a MGR bc he’s a FAKE MGR! He doesn’t have the resume to even be managing a team with such high visibility rate like the Dodgers. he’s just not experienced, NEVER paid his dues, in order to know HOW to manage. He would be my next firing after Jaffe & Friedman, and since none of these firings will happen, I predict LA will NOT win another WS with these people in charge! My message to Dodger Nation: STOP BEING A SHILL FOR THE DODGERS ORG. They’re NOT that good! Cal them out for the putrid product they’ve put on the field. The lack of synergy and a winning attitude from too many ‘over the hill,’ not good enough players, is obvious. CHANGE IS NEEDED!

  3. With the loss of many quality players, we are seeing just how bad a manager Roberts is. He continues to do the same thing over and over with the same results. he goes thru the bullpen as if they are all top relievers so towards late innings he has nothing left. 1 inning no matter how many pitches thrown and done. We need to address the problems with the Dodgers from the top down or we will continue to be a losing team.

  4. Totally agree… winning teams play situational baseball is how I was taught and played and managed my high school teams…these guys are professional big leaguers that should know how to play the game… being paid millions of dollars to play a kids game. Get rid of the stale minds in the organization that keep this team from winning. Including Roberts… bring in The Skipper. Kevin Kennedy… a baseball playing mind…”GOOD TEAMS MAKE IT HAPPEN”….
    This organization has started loosing fans with there involvement in political issues and lackluster play…

  5. To state the obvious, the Dodgers need a closer. Dave Roberts is a good manager but no manager is perfect. Roberts has shown that one of his weak points is the pitching staff — relievers in particular. If he had a dominate closer, that would take the ninth inning decision making off his shoulders and turn the game into eight innings — like when the Dodgers had Kenley Janson.

  6. Extra innings open with a man on second. The one and only job of the next hitter is to get that man to third. The Dodgers have been my team since 1955 but this year they have not moved the man on second to third and opponents have.

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