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Dodgers News: League May Get Creative to Play As Many Games As Possible

The Dodgers and their fanbase are itching for some baseball. Tomorrow would have been Opening Day in Los Angeles. Fans would have started flocking to the gates at Chavez Ravine less than 24 hours from now, and baseball would have been back. But the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed literally everything back, and now we all wait. 

One of the biggest problems to come out of this for baseball is the issue of contracts, service time, and pay for players. In an unprecedented time, the league is having to get a little bit creative in coming up with ways to normalize the situation as much as possible. One way the league may get around it is that we may see far more Dodgers double-headers than we ever have before. 

If the Dodgers are not able to get going until June, that is two months’ worth of games missing. That comes out to roughly 58 games missed if they are able to start exactly on June 1st. That would mean without these changes, teams would be playing 104 games, and that is only if the June 1st start date worked. At this point, we would be lucky to get a July start date.

If the number of games played is condensed and teams have to play more doubleheaders, the issue of player health is the next question. Pushing a player to get more games in for the sake of keeping the season on schedule seems like a bad idea, especially when you consider pitchers’ arms. T overcome that, the league is considering expanding the rosters. There has even been a conversation of allowing a full 40-man roster for the season.

Another scenario might include the postseason being pushed back. Imagine watching the Dodgers play in the National League Championship Series on Thanksgiving Day. That is among the options being discussed, though nothing has been set in stone yet. The league is expected to have more answers within the net 24 hours on a response to the player’s union’s proposal. 

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