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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Has An Interesting Way of Keeping Up With Players

While baseball may not be anywhere near, Dodgers fans have gotten quite the treat from the team’s broadcast crew. Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser have started doing video interviews during this second offseason and recently did one with manager Dave Roberts.

In the interview, the Dodgers’ skipper admitted that he’s had to get a little bit creative in keeping up with his players. After all, most of them have gone home at this point and he does have to make sure they are ready to go when baseball activities are cleared. 

A lot Facetime, there’s text messaging, there’s phone calls. With the coaching staff, there’s a lot of TikToks going on…I actually with my daughter’s urging was a part of a TikTok. 

While Roberts did not elaborate on how he was keeping up with them on TikTok, we have gotten to see Alex Wood have quite the offseason with it. Dave went on to say that he’s also kept up with the Dodgers’ broadcast team via social media. 

I’m watching a lot of Joe’s cooking, I haven’t seen any virtual poker tournaments with you and Dana, Orel…Just to connect with my family, the players, and the coaches, that’s been good. 

If you have not been keeping up with Joe Davis’ cooking experiences over on Instagram, we highly recommend that during this hiatus. The Dodgers were supposed to be playing their first game on Thursday versus the Giants in Los Angeles. Major League Baseball moved back Opening Day two weeks officially but it seems as though June is the more likely start date for the regular season.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down all major sports starting with the NBA two weeks ago. Since that day, we have seen Major League Baseball shut down all baseball activity for the foreseeable future. 

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