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Dodgers News: New LA RHP is Trying to Get His Body and Mind Right Again

Coming back from any injury truly tests the true determination of an athlete.

Noah Syndergaard follows a line of pitchers who have had gruesome injuries and had to undergo Tommy John surgery. But that wasn’t enough to detour him from playing.

In the baseball world, Tommy John surgery is the scariest of them all and is one to have derailed many baseball players’ careers.

Instead of hiding away, Syndergaard took on the problem head-on and now looks to revamp his career. The former All-Star and Cy Young pitcher is hopeful about the new chance to make a name for himself with a Dodgers team that was in desperate need of pitching depth (via Dodgers Insider).


  1. Blah, blah, blah. Same old, same old. He MIGHT find his A game back mid-season. However, by this time next year, he will be gone while Roberts, will blame the team, while taking him out of a very meaningful game after 6 innings. “Book it!”

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