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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! The staff at Dodgers Nation is in the true holiday spirit today as we’re about to talk about things we’re wishing for — you know, things and stuff that we want? Give us stuff!

Kidding aside, much like our staff did at Thanksgiving time, I asked some folks here what might be on their holiday wish list as a Dodger fan. Hopefully you enjoy!

I’ll go ahead and lead us off and keep things super simple… I’m asking whoever is granting these wishes for a Cy Young award in 2023 for Clayton Edward Kershaw. Make it a nice four Cy’s before he potentially hangs up his spikes, if he chooses to do so. Also, I really would like to send Kersh off right — if he does retire — with a nice, full season World Series championship in 2023 and a parade.

Send the GOAT off properly, if he decides to leave us…


Doug McKain (@DMAC_LA)

When it comes to my Dodgers Wishlist, I feel like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story“.

Considering how quiet the Dodgers have been this winter, I am beginning to lose hope that I’ll be gifted the Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Model Air Riffle that I so desperately want and will have to settle for the ridiculous bright pink bunny suit that my Aunt Clara gave me.

With the Angels making it clear that Shohei Ohtani will not be traded this offseason, the Red Ryder Rifle for me this year is a blockbuster trade for Milwaukee Brewers ace right-handed pitcher Corbin Burnes and shortstop Willy Adames. This would give the Dodgers a trusted, top-tier defensive shortstop with some pop in Adames and a Cy Young Award-winning ace hurler in Burnes to fortify LA’s rotation.

Such a move might not be on the table until midseason, as Brewers general manager Matt Arnold has hinted that Milwaukee plans to hold on to their core players to start the year, so I guess I’ll have to wait until Christmas in July.

Jeff Snider (@snidog)

I have just three things on my Dodgers Christmas wish list. First, I wish for L.A. to sign Jean Segura. I know, I know, Jean Segura is a weird thing to use your first wish for, but I think his defense, offense, versatility, and personality would be a perfect fit for this Dodgers team, like a Hanser Alberto who can hit.

My second wish is for the Dodgers to trade for Bryan Reynolds. The Pirates are said to be looking for a Juan Soto package, but they’re not going to get that, and they’re definitely not going to get it from Los Angeles, who didn’t give up a Juan Soto package for actual Juan Soto. But when the price comes down to something more reasonable, Reynolds would be a very good fit in the Dodgers outfield and lineup.

And my final wish, which maybe needs to go directly to Santa Claus because it’s a little more challenging, is for Noah Syndergaard to get his 100-mph fastball back. He has very good secondary stuff, and if he got that fastball back along with the influence of Mark Prior, we could finally see Thor reach the potential he showed in 2015-16 but never fully realized.

Noah Camras (@noahcamras)

Well, Dodger fans. I don’t want to say I have magic powers. But last time we did this was for Black Friday, and I said the Dodgers should sign RHP Noah Syndergaard. Look how that one turned out. So, I’m going to use my newfound abilities to say the Dodgers should trade for All-Star OF Bryan Reynolds.

Reynolds will by no means be inexpensive, but he would be the perfect addition to a team with a huge hole in the outfield. If the Dodgers acquire Reynolds, I would feel very confident in saying this team has no more needs entering next season, and are yet again the favorites to win the World Series. If you want to read more about why I think the Dodgers should trade for Reynolds, you can do it here.

But I’m wishing big this holiday season, because I want a World Series victory in 2023.

Ryan Menzie (@menzieryan)

A great way to brighten up the holidays for me is making a blockbuster deal for Shohei Ohtani. That’s right. It just needs to happen and it makes too much sense to bring him in. Andrew Friedman has not been spending money and it looks like he’s saving up for a big name player. Ohtani is that guy. Make it happen Friedman even if it means I have to wait until 2024!

Kody Luu

On my holiday wishlist, I want Julio Urias to win a CY Young award! He’s been great with the Dodgers and you never what could happen in a year or two so I want to see Julio dominate this upcoming year and cap it off with a CY Young and a World Series championship ring why not!

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  1. I am personally not that crazy about the Ohtani idea. Yeah he is a good and unique player but I don’t see that he matches all the hype. Maybe I’m missing something here I don’t know. It is being said he could get a 500 million deal. I definately don’t think that’s a good idea for the Dodgers. I just don’t see him as the ultimate be all see all player and savior.

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