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Dodgers News: RHP Kevin Quackenbush Designated For Assignment

The turnover in the Dodgers bullpen is like nothing that we have ever seen before. It seems like all season long, there has been a revolving door of minor league guys and established veterans moving in and out of the pen and organization. 

The Dodgers added to that turnover early on Thursday morning ahead of their game with the Phillies. Los Angeles designated RHP Kevin Quackenbush for assignment in order to make room for Mitch White on the active roster. White got the start against the Phillies on Thursday in a bullpen game. 

Quackenbush appeared in just 1 game for the Dodgers, and it did not go as planned. After punching out the first batter he faced, Quack gave up 3-consecutive hits and was knocked out of the game. He finished with 0.1 innings of work and 1 run charged to him before he got the boot. 

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Quackenbush could potentially accept a minor league assignment in hopes of later being added to the 40-man roster by the Dodgers. But given that we are now past the trade deadline, it might benefit him more to elect free agency and hope he gets picked up by a team that needs arms. 

This was Quackenbush’s second stint with the Dodgers but the first time he reached the big leagues with them. He initially signed a minor league deal back in November of 2018 and signed another on May 1st. 

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  1. The revolving BP door is a by product of all the injuries suffered by the pitching staff but also not much in the way of an off season upgrade in the BP. Injuries are unforseen but besides Knebel, Dodgers could have done a bit better as far as the BP goes in the off season. But with that said, Dodgers could have the top BP in MLB and they still won’t win games with an offense that can only score 1 run on 3 singles like in today’s game. Pitching all around was great today but Dodgers lost because bats were left in the dugout. Also Roberts changed up the lineup once again and that can hamper some continuity. A LHP started against them and was able to get deeper in this game than he
    ever has before

  2. The Dodgers actually have a great bullpen. However, the starting pitching staff was decimated.
    May had TJ, Kershaw was excellent when healthy, and that other guy was quite good when he behaved. However, these pitchers have been absent and they have only gotten one good replacement (actually, a great replacement). Price generally cannot pitch more than 4 innings. Gonsolin cannot stay healthy. All this has meant that the Dodgers have had to resort to AAA pitchers to eat innings and try to keep their main bullpen arms rested.

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