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Dodgers News: Roberts Will Not Bench Max Muncy Amid Struggles

The hope was that something would change for Max Muncy in recent weeks. The Dodgers’ first baseman hit the injured list with elbow soreness, and many expected him to come back ready to go. But that swing has yet to come around despite the rest. 

Just 6 games since his return from the IL and Muncy has strung together 4 total hits. He did hit an important homerun but that comes across 21 total at-bats. Muncy has struck out 6 times since his return and hasn’t even walked as often as the Dodgers have been used to. ‘

But despite that, it sounds like the Dodgers have no plans to change things up with Max. Dave Roberts said this week that he will not give Muncy “arbitrary” days off to get him right and that he will continue to be in the lineup every day. (quotes via J.P. Hoornstra)

“I think that he’s physically fine, emotionally fine. There will be some days – a day or two (off) in that stretch of (19) in a row. He’s built to play every day so I don’t think I need to find arbitrary days to sit him, especially if he’s swinging the bat well.”

Putting Max on the inured list didn’t make anything better for the Dodgers. Who’s to say that benching him would help? But at the moment, his spot in the lineup feels like a black hole at times. It’s got to get better soon…right?

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