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Trade rumors have been flying around today, and naturally the Dodgers are included in nearly every one. Speaking of trades, do the Dodgers regret dealing Dee Gordon? That and more in today’s Dodgers Credits.

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  1. SocialNormans Let me guess, you knew Gordon was going to go from complete bust to half way decent to Gold Glove batting title etc?  I don’t buy Gordon being what he showed last year.  I think he is an above average player that runs fast.  Gold Glove?  Not sure how that happened as his numbers before that showed he absolutely sucked at 2nd.  As for Eithier, he may not be an every day player, he is great against righties and in high pressure situations.  Did they over pay for Eithier?  Sure.  And Kemp.  Welcome to Coletti math.  No way anyone in the league thought that Gordon would do anything but steal bases.

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