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Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer Has Administrative Leave Extended Again

The Dodgers will continue to play the waiting game with Trevor Bauer amid his investigation. As local authorities and MLB continue their own separate investigations into a felony assault charge, Bauer continues to be away from the game. 

The league has extended Bauer’s administrative leave 3 times already while the investigations continue. This week, they approved a 4th extension along with the Player’s Association. The Dodgers pitcher will be out for 7 more days with the approval. 

Bauer’s leave will now be extended through August 13th with the new approval. There is a hearing for the temporary restraining order against him that begins 3 days after that date. The hearing was supposed to take place earlier but has been moved twice and will now take place August 16-19. That makes it very likely that the leave for the Dodgers pitcher would once again be extended. 

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Up to this point, Bauer has not been with the Dodgers since July 2nd. His camp continues to deny any allegations against him and has released text messages between Bauer and the victim several times. Most recently, his camp released texts that they believe prove the encounters between the 2 were consensual. 

The Dodgers have obviously distanced themselves from Bauer over the last couple of weeks since the report first surfaced. They removed his bobblehead night this month and do not sell any of his merchandise in their team stores. He joined them on a $102 million contract in February that includes opt-out clauses.

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  1. The Dodgers don’t appear to be “waiting” for Bauer at all. They’ve gone out and traded for or signed half a dozen starting pitchers.

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