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Dodgers News: White Sox Originally Called About Puig

Over the last couple of days, it’s been reported that the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers engaged in some trade discussions surrounding outfielder Andre Ethier. What has just come to light, though, is that the White Sox originally didn’t call about the left-handed hitting left fielder, but rather about someone else.

Earlier today, Bob Nightengale reported that the Yasiel Puig was not on the trade block but Ethier was. And, now, thanks to more information from the Los Angeles Times, we have learned that the Dodgers were approached by the White Sox about Puig, not Ethier.

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From Bill Shaikin at the Los Angeles Times:

The White Sox approached the Dodgers about Yasiel Puig — apparently in the hope that fellow Cuban Jose Abreu might bring out the best in Puig — and the Dodgers instead tried to interest the White Sox in Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford.

Well, this makes total sense on both teams’ behalf. The Dodgers definitely don’t want to give up a young outfielder who happens to be under a team-friendly deal, but it makes sense why the White Sox would ask about him first. And it also makes sense that the Dodgers then tried to pawn off Ethier or Carl Crawford on Chicago.

This is called “negotiating.” While it doesn’t seem like there is a deal to be made here between the two sides anytime soon, the fact the two parties have engaged in at least some trade talk is encouraging that a deal could be made sometime down the line.

The Dodgers obviously want to get rid of Ethier’s contract prior to him earning his 10-and-5 status, or, at the very least, move Crawford’s deal in an effort to save some money on that front. Dealing Puig just doesn’t make sense from a fiscal or organizational standpoint, so it’s no shock Los Angeles quickly tried to change the subject.

Moving one of the outfielders seems like a move that is inevitable, and the Dodgers definitely want to clear up some of the glut there. We’ll see if there’s a move to be made, but for now the team is stuck with what they have. It’ll be interesting to watch moving forward.

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