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Dodgers NLCS: Julio Urías Still Available to Start Game 4 After a Rough Relief Appearance

Sunday night in Atlanta hurt for the Dodgers for a number of different reasons. Most importantly, it put them at a 2-0 deficit in the NLCS against the Braves. The good news is that that the series turns back to Los Angeles for 3 games now with the chance to make up some ground. 

But the biggest blow seemed to come to the starting rotation. Max Scherzer was not himself and admitted after the game that he was experiencing a bit of a dead arm on the mound. That led to Dave Roberts pulling him earlier than they would have liked. 

But Doc also oddly went to Julio Urias in the 8th inning of the Dodgers loss. It did not go as Roberts had hoped, but the biggest question was regarding his availability to start Game 4. When asked if it changed the plans at all, Dave had a very quick and encouraging response. 

No, no not at all. Not at all. That’s why he was ready and available yesterday, he didn’t throw a side to prepare for one of these two games. 

Urias will be pitching Game 4 in Los Angeles. Even though he came into this one and pitched in relief, the plan is still for the Dodgers to use him as a starter. That seems very odd given that this is by far the most innings he has ever pitched in his professional career. 

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But Dave and the front office trust the young southpaw. He rewarded that trust with 20 wins in the regular season, and they are hoping he can reward them with another big win in Game 4. 

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  1. Roberts the Clown doesn’t have the talent necessary to manage a team with this much talent. He has to stop focusing on being every player’s best buddy and learn how to manage and motivate. He skills are suitable for managing Tee-Ball. What a buffoon.

  2. Really stupid move by Roberts to bring in Urias last night…. Mad Max just said his arm is fatigued, I think Urias will be next on that list.

    Roberts can’t keep bringing in his starters as relievers. Let alone not using a RP more than one inning when their pitch count is in the single digits.

    Lastly, when the game is tied going into the later part of the game and Roberts is burning thru the BP, God help us if the game goes into xtra innings and we no longer have any arms available….

    Your move Roberts…. don’t blow it….. again.

    1. That’s Roberts for ya. But all his questionable moves in part may come from the FO. However, this series is over. I’ve seen enough of this inept offense to say that. Runner on 3rd, less than 2 out and fail to get the run in. Pollock comes up with bases full after Dodgers get a 2 run lead with a golden chance to put the game away and he strikes out to end the inning . There were a couple other chances to score but Dodgers continues to leave men on base. Now unless Dodgers take 2 of 3 games here at DS, the Braves will become the 4th team in 5 years to celebrate a post season clinching on our home turf.

    2. Look Doug, Roberts was the spark that ignited the fire that resulted in a 0-3 ALCS comeback by the Red Sox over the Yankees in 2004 and the extinguishment of an 86 year WS drought. I think he knows how to guide a team back from an 0-2 deficit. They were down 0-2 and 1-3 this very team in 2020. I will refresh from composing any eulogies until the series is over.

        1. Paul, offense in game 2 was enough. Play-off losers Pollock and Trea were primarily responsible for the loss, along with the FO.

          1. Urias didn’t bring himself in……

            And, BTW, back in 1932…… let’s stick to the current situation. We have an inept manager.

            I respect your thoughts though, Dave. 🙂

          2. What??? Offense in game two was enough?? Is that all we can expect from this bunch of underachievers, 4 hits??
            And yes Doc’s an idiot. We have only 3 reliable starters and this moron is using them up in relief. This mountain will be much higher to climb than last year unless a few guys remember how to hit when it counts, cause they just don’t!

    3. Doug, unless you are completely clueless, you know the decision to bring Urias in was not DR’s alone. Read the Athletic article that explains the decision making process of the Dodgers. All that aside, shore up the defensive miscues and Dodgers win game 2. Oh well move on.

    4. “Really stupid move by Roberts to bring in Urias last night…. Mad Max just said his arm is fatigued, I think Urias will be next on that list.”

      Exactly. Totally unnecessary.

  3. Roberts blows thru RPs like there are no extra innings, sometimes with the pitcher only facing 1-2 batters. He actually thinks he knows what he is doing. Just shows how inept he is at managing a major league team along with all his other foul-ups. Of course, he is going to say it has no bearing on Urias pitching the 4th game. Look for another BP game with Urias pitching 4-5 innings at the most.

  4. Roberts definitely over-managed game 2, and that also happened nearly all summer long. Our record in close one run games is terrible, and I don’t see how you can blame anybody else but Roberts for that situation. He makes so many questionable changes, that he along has the responsibility when it doesn’t work out. I have been on that list questioning him all summer, and the trend of losing close games at the end continues. However, if you get out hit 10-4, like they did last night (yes, they only had 4 hits), then if there is any chance left to win this thing, we have to get more hits in the lineup. Way too many changes. Get a set lineup, and stay with it, works better all the way around. More confidence from hitters, more confidence in knowing where others will be in critical defenisve situations, etc. In spite of it all, they still would have won the game except for 2 little tiny situations, 1) Pollock’s throw to 2nd would have nailed the runner there if it was just a little more accurate, which would have ended the inning, and 2) on the play at the plate, the runner would have been out if the ball could have been held (ball was there in time). Doing the little things right still counts.

    1. Johnnie K, I completely agree about Pollock’s throw. No doubt Rosario is out with a good throw and game ends 4-2 Dodgers. As for Smith? Well at least he can hit. As a catcher he is downright awful! And yes I did play one year as a catcher as well!

  5. I dont know who choked more, Roberts and putting Urias in relief or our players THAT CAN NOT HIT. I am absolutely certain that we do not make it out of this round to the world series. These problems are compounded in that we only have 3 starting pitchers, and we just wasted Sherzers start by losing. I dont see how these 3 pitchers can all win their next 2 starts on SHORT REST.

    Losing Max Muncy might have been the straw that broke the camels back. in the few instances that we get runners on base and in scoring position, we leave them on base. Sorry for the negativity but we are in tough shape. I think the only way we win the series is we sweep the 3 games in LA but my question is who pitches on Thursday for us? Who pitches for us in games 6 & 7 assuming we make it that far.

    When all is said and done with our season we will look back at our inconsistent offense and only having 3 starting pitchers. I do not consider Gonsolin to be an effective starting pitcher as opposing teams take batting practice against him.

    It will be interesting to see what becomes of this team with all of our free agents. Honestly though I just wish that Trea Turner and Pollock would be able to get an occasional hit in the post season. Just goes to show you that we can beat Colorado and Arizona during the regular season but against a good team like Atlanta we cant hit.

    1. Unfortunately that’s probably true. Need to change that mindset post haste.

      1988 Dodgers lost Hershiser’s start vs the Mets and still won the NLCS against a far superior team. This series is a long way from being over!

      It’s easy to criticize in the wake of a loss. I will try and spread a positive take-away from game 2’s disaster…Dodgers stole 4 bases!!! I really think that bodes well going forward!

      Let’s go Dodgers!

  6. You reminded us (for the 15th time) that you ‘were a pitcher’ in a previous life, and that you could get Joc out at 61 years old.

    You should call LA and straighten out those 28 year old, professional, world class pitchers as they just gave up a homer to that ‘easy out’.

    You’re loopy, Gramps.

    1. Bubbalousky, Joe Kelly certainly had no problem retiring Joc!

      If I have one criticism of the use of the relief core, it would be the underutilization of Kelly. He has been untouchable by the Braves.

  7. When you face challenges and overcome them, it makes the accomplishment that much more rewarding!

    Had the Dodgers swept the Braves, everyone would have been saying “well they should have, they won 18 more games during the regular season!”

    Let’s go Dodgers!

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