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Dodgers NLCS: Max Scherzer Will Not Pitch Game 6 in Atlanta

The Dodgers and Braves will play Game 6 of the NLCS in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon or evening. Depending on how the ALCS shakes up, the time could be adjusted to later in the day rather than in the afternoon. 

It was supposed to be Max Scherzer on the mound for Game 6 looking to keep the Dodgers alive. After throwing a bullpen game on Thursday night in Los Angeles, it was lining up so that Los Angeles could finish the series with Scherzer and then Walker Buehler. 

But according to the LA TImes’ Jorge Castillo, that will not be the case. The Dodgers are not going to be starting Scherzer in Game 6 against the Braves. And while the exact starter has yet to be revealed, that’s a big deal in a potential elimination game. 

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According to some sources, the Dodgers did not see Scherzer‘s arm bounce back the way they had hoped from his last start. The veteran hurler described his arm as feeling dead after he came out of the game on Sunday in Atlanta. He threw just 79 pitches and made it into the 5th inning in that outing. 

For the moment, it’s very unclear what direction the Dodgers would go without Scherzer ready. Walker Buehler would be going on just 3 days of rest if they chose to start him, and no other starter is remotely close to being ready. 

One option could be David Price, who has yet to throw in the NLCS and has not thrown in a game since October 2nd. But that would once again mean that the Dodgers would need to go with a bullpen game once again. 

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    1. The bullpen is pretty stressed now too with Kelley and Bruihl on the shelf. Back to back bullpen games is going to be tough. I guess it’s going to be Price for a few innings. That’s a real wild card. Better score a lot of runs.

  1. Well it’s official. Half of the equation is set.

    That 50’s Motown group, Dusty Baker and the Cheaters is in the WS.

    Now give us a great weekend in Atlanta!

    LFG Dodgers!

    1. The thing that really escapes me is, you live in Houston and you know you’re rooting for convicts…how do you justify it to yourself? Do you just not give a sh!t? Do you think it doesn’t matter? Are you just in denial that it didn’t happen? A real head scratcher for me.

    2. Now after we take care of business this weekend in Atlanta, we can pummel those cheaters and turn and say….CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER. Unfortunately they already have due to a worthless baseball commissioner! Greatest travesty in baseball!

  2. Roberts said there was “a risk” when using these pitchers in these unorthodox ways.

    The risk has arrived.

  3. You can ask that with what kind of injuries they’ve had to endure throughout this season? Just this week they’ve lost Justin Turner and Joe Kelly for the rest of the playoffs. And now Scherzer can’t pitch? This may be the unluckiest team of all time. That they won as many games they have this season, and reached this far into the playoffs is really something great. Like a cat, they seem to have many lives. But, I’m guessing however many lives they may have they just may have just run out. I don’t know if they can absorb these losses and beat a very motivated Braves team.

    I don’t know of any team that has had so many injuries to key players and still win like the Dodgers have done. But, I’m just not sure they can pull this out now. I’ll be a believer in miracles if they can. But…

    1. I can certainly understand anyone questioning themselves whether or not the Dodgers could somehow withstand all the terrible breaks befallen them this year. I too had basically resigned myself to the fact the season was over prior to game 5! Dodgers showed me just how foolish that was. Therefore I’m taking the wait and see approach prior to game 6. Another miracle and Big game Buehler awaits the “Choke City” faithful for a potential series deciding game 7. Do the Dodgers have it in them to pull this off? As little hope as I had before game 5, I’m actually feeling better prior to game 6.

      Let’s go Dodgers!

  4. Rios,May, Bellinger, Betts, Gonsolin, Seager, “Bauer”, Kershaw all out for extended periods of time, now Muncy, Taylor, Kelly and Scherzer! It is amazing we still have a chance. Roberts should get Manager of the Year.

  5. so with all arms ready to go in a must-win game, throw another bull pen game unless Buehler says he’s absolutely ready to go today and throw 7 innings. We did a BP game 2 days ago, we can do it again. I’d save Buehler most likely just to be secure in that we need him strong for 1 game. if he’s not dealing in a game 6 then we’ve lost him for game 7 even if we pulled it out. Lefty bats Seager, Belli and Lux will have a field day with Ian Anderson so we can win today’s game if we use our great bullpen. Dodgers in 7, and magic number remains 6!

  6. When Buehler, Scherzer and Urias looked spent in September they should have been rested instead of chasing the f-ing Giants. Dodgers we’re going to end up playing SF no matter what and they needed to do it with rested pitching. So what do we do with already spent arms? Use them instead of a very strong bullpen. Never seen management this bad since becoming a fan in ’77. Roberts a nice man, but it’s time for change and to end this analytics-driven nightmare. Let’s not talk about trading Hernandez and Joc, two of their only 4 or 5 clutch post season talents from the last several seasons.

    1. Guess there is another Doug….

      I didn’t write this….. I am now D2 in my post verbiage….

    2. Yes, very true!! Still, he might be the best Worst manager to not deliver a true WS Championship Team!!

  7. Folks here is a different way to view this situation:

    This takes all the pressure off the Dodgers! If they lose? No big deal, after-all they couldn’t pitch their Ace! But if they win? Boy oh boy will the nightmare of a repeat disaster will loom huge with Big game Buehler looming for a potential game 7!

    I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question that this situation was scripted by DESIGN!


  8. Ok so Buehler starts game 6. Let’s at least put the best lineup out there for him….same as game 5!!!! End of discussion!

    Pressure all on the Braves IMHO

    Let’s go Dodgers!

  9. The Bauer curse in full effect. Bring is a self-interested narcissist, and things are bound to break bad, and they did… even if you couldn’t have predicted this bad. Bauer + Trienen = nutball soup.

    1. John, I have run across some disturbing things about Treinen too. Thankfully no bad effects from it yet anyway.

  10. Your exactly right John….And the reason from What i’ve seen is those players left because of Drrrrr, not about money it was about playing full time. Time to get players that play full time and younger. The team can always buy pitching with the annual 4 million fan base.

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