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Dodgers: Walker Buehler is Dealing With More Than One Blister

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Walker Buehler did not have his best stuff for the Dodgers in Game 1 of the NLCS. For the second consecutive start, Buehler walked four-plus batters and got his pitch count around triple digits. 

During the broadcast, it was revealed that Buehler wasn’t just suffering from one blister on his hand but two of them. That perked the ears of Dodgers fans as there had been very little information about the blisters up until this point. Dave Roberts confirmed that there were multiple blisters on his pitching hand in the postgame press conference. 

I think over the last month, there’s been kind of two blister situations and they kind of take turns. But I do feel that we came out of it really well today. 

Despite what the Dodgers continue to say, it’s obvious that the blisters are playing a role in Buehler’s outings. Up until his last payoff out, there were only two games in Buehler’s career in which he walked four batters. He walked five total on Monday night. 

While it sounds like the Dodgers are confident Buehler came out of the start feeling okay, the fact that there are two is something to keep an eye on. Buehler not being available for a start during a 7-game series could be the difference-maker in what will almost certainly be a tight series moving forward. 

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  1. If Buehler can only give us 4 or 5 innings right now, due his blisters, why not have him pitch the 8th and/or 9th? The veterans we have can’t do the job. Or go with the young guns who throw gas.

    1. Not only that but Kershaw has been scratched from today’s start due to back spasms. Gonsolin will pitch today but another example of Robert’s mis-management of the pitching is that Gonsolin is being asked to fill in after not having pitched since Sept. 25. Why, I don’t know but as I see it based on Buehler s blisters and not being sharp and base on the typical October performance by the offense, I honestly believe the Braves will finish off the Dodgers by Thursday or at the very latest Friday. No WS appearance and 32 years since their last WS win.

  2. Roberts just does understand how to develop and implement a plan for his pitching staff in critical series. He is a nice guy and night make a great coach BUT NOT a manager.
    Dodger Don

  3. I said what I said and that is it. If the Dodgers don’t pick it up in the 3rd game it’s Adios amigos. It’s hard to win 4 in a row. And I bet many of these guys won’t be back next year. and maybe Roberts too will be leaving.

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