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Dodgers No-Hit By the Chicago Cubs in Combined No Hitter

The Cubs combined to no hit the Dodgers on Thursday night at Dodger Stadium. While it’s not officially recognized as no hitter, notably it’s the first one in the post sticky stuff era.

Unfortunately, this no-no comes after an ugly sweep by the Padres in San Diego. It’s the 4th straight loss for the Dodgers who are 19 for their last 138 at-bats (.137).

Cubs starter Zach Davies tossed the first 6 innings of the game, walking 5 while striking out only 4. Ryan Tepera, Andrew Chafin, and Craig Kimbrel each pitched an inning to seal the deal for Chicago. It was the first-ever combined no hitter in the history of the Cubbies.

The Dodger loss also marked the first loss for Thursday night’s starter Walker Buehler since September 2019, ending a streak of 23 consecutive regular season outings without a loss. Buehler will remain tied with Kirby Higby for the most consecutive starts without a loss.

The Dodgers have lost all 4 games against the Cubs this season.

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  1. A “combined” no hitter is about as relevant as a team “hitting for the cycle.” And I felt the same when the Dodgers had that one in Mexico a couple of years ago.

    1. Don, you are so CORRECT!! I couldn’t have said it better. For the way Roberts has managed and the over all complete lack of intensity this combined no hitter serves them all right. A team with ‘a embarrassment of riches’ has now become a huge embarrassment full of disgrace!

      1. Paul if this team even makes the playoffs there’s going to be one last embarrassment against SD or SF to put the cherry on top of this pathetic disaster

    2. The Dodgers are turning into [gasp!] the Diamondbacks 🙁
      Their current level of play looks just like the Diamondbacks only with Dodgers uniforms.
      Frustrating. Sad. Lack of desire. Terrible manager.

      1. Now that’s a huge exaggeration. They’re sucking right now, but not like the D-backs! come on Don don’t be so dramatic!

      1. You are so correct. The even scarier issue is that our minor league system (except for 2 catchers and a few pitchers) also looks pathetic. Nobody is hitting. Aside from the catchers, we do not have any position players worth a penny. It’s like our system has dried up,

    1. Yes aside from 2017 and 2020 this has been every season they’ve made the playoffs it’s mind boggling

  2. Again getting ambushed in the 1st inning taking the air out of the crowd and playing from behind w/ sloppy defense and more bombs made a game w/ no energy and intensity. Total embarrassment getting shut down by a little league guy that they seen many times before and knew the change-up was his go to pitch, but still didn’t make the adjustment even after the 3rd time around which is the worst. Either the Dodgers were selfish in trying to jack the change-ups or they got to fire the hitting coaches and game planner. Davies and Cub’s staff made the Dodgers look really pathetic and laughable. Also like I commented earlier why Doc gave JT a day off and Smith a rest when playing a playoff caliber team is really questionable.

    1. Completely pathetic game, any way you look at it, that was embarassing to watch. I love the Dodgers but lackluster playing (offense and defense) combined with questionable management is beginning to wear on many of us. Our players appear to lack energy, leadership, and purpose this season. If something does not turn around and sooner than not….
      Come on Dodgers!!!

  3. No hitter by a pitcher thru 6 who can throw nothing faster than 89mph. Dodgers seem to be making cy young candidates of “B” league pitchers this year. Something gotta change. They looked totally uninspired again out on the field. There will be no October with Roberts as the manager. Totally inept and pathetic. Resting JT again today? Yesterday was an off/travel day. roberts did the same thing resting JT before the road trip- in essence giving him 2 days in a row off. Dave needs some time off- permanently.

  4. This team needs some radical changes to be made. They are now a complete bore to watch. They don’t look like they’re having any fun at all. Going through the motions and having their dead head skipper offering cliche after cliche after every L. I don’t even know who the “hitting” coach is these days, but may want to start with him. Maybe he can surgically remove Cody’s head from his bum as starters and go from there

  5. We need to play our best players and let them get in a grove. Different lineup every day does not work. Send Barnes and Pollack packing and fire Roberts. We need someone that can light a fire in these guys. Smith a nd McKinstry should play every day. I have been a Dodger can for 70 years and have never seen such mismanaged baseball. Can’t bunt, hit and run, steal or hold opposition runners on base. Bush league baseball.

    1. Great comments, Gordon.
      These guys need another manager who knows what to do to inspire these bums. Tommy Lasorda comes to mind but never will be another one like him. Roberts needs to be fired.

  6. The pitchers can’t keep the ball in the park, and the hitters can’t hit it out. Fact is, this team really isn’t up to the standards the last few set. Belli is pathetic at the plate, and Mookie isn’t much better. Simply put, the Pads and Giants are just better teams. Gonna be a struggle just to make the wild card game.

  7. Baseball players work so hard. Day off?? Really ??
    It’s not like they are moving around 100 percent of the time. They sit on a bench half the game and stand around, unless making a play, in the field.
    That’s ridiculous.

  8. Is there any men’s slow pitch softball league players available at the deadline? Or do the Dodgers have any Beer league farm players to bring up ? How about a mobile trauma traveling unit to nurse hang nails, belly aches and sore arms? I’ve never seen a pro baseball team as soft and full of excuses than Roberts and this years team called the Dodgers. They can’t bunt, sacrifice runners, steal bases, hit and run or any of the basic fundamental plays of Baseball. Is there a sabermetric stat for pop ups, fly outs , foul outs? Dodgers always trying to hit a Home run must lead the league in those blunders.

  9. With the issues the starters are having with giving up dingers and the club not swinging at hittable pitches, Betts dropping a catchable ball in short right and getting picked off at first dampens things all the more. Are we seeing a regression with Betts?

  10. Dodgers putting out a vibe that they would just rather skip the long grind of a full season and get on with the postseason already. Of course, that mentality, that approach, isn’t going to cut it, as this is a 162 game, normal season. Let’s see if this team, coming off the short season Championship is truly prepared to navigate through the grind.
    We’ve seen the Dodgers have bad stretches in recent seasons, whether it be the 16 losses in 17 games in 2017, or the horrible start to the 2018 season or losing 15 of 20 earlier this year, but in the past, the team’s desire to finally when the Chip and end the long Championship drought, motivated them to get back on track. It feels different this year because they are the defending Champs and maybe, only time will tell, they won’t have that motivation to dig deep enough and get back on track.

    1. They should have motivation to win one in front or fans this time and no fatigue since they played 3 months last year

  11. Dave Roberts is a pansy-ass manager with a team that can’t or won’t steal, bunt, hit and run. Only swing for the fences or looking for a walk, instead of trying to hit a line drive. Any good team can beat us as long as Roberts continues.

  12. Like I said before this PATHETIC team with a PATHETIC manager is so far INFERIOR to the team last year that it’s not even funny but the absolute truth and last night’s game was a clincher. Cubs, along with Padres and Giants have already shown how far superior they are to this inferior team of ours. Roberts must go after this year. He’s about as clueless as they come when it comes down to managing pitchers and position players alike.

  13. What’s with Mookie this year, he’s had that Bellinger dazed look about him. I hope Cody hasn’t been sharing his stash with him. In fact, most of the team has looked like they are playing stoned this year, laid back, lethargic, and lacking in sharpness, both offensively and defensively.

    1. Oddly enough this team has struggled with that for stretches every season practically even before winning a championship

  14. Trade Barnes, McKinstry plays daily. Don’t have any reason Albert in yesterday’s lineup vs. a RHP. He can’t get to pitches on the outside part of the plate. Yes, Roberts has ‘micromanaged’ a bit. A regular lineup absent injuries would be great. But I also see the point of playing into last November that giving regulars off is a must. But it sure needs to be pedal to the metal after the break. I call up Ruiz to catch half the time as well.

  15. The last 4 games have shown the team is not ready to meet the challenge of defending their championship. The offense is pitiful as culminated by a generic 4 pitchers’ no hitter (explaining why 8 walks resulted in no runs or hits). 4 acceptable starting pitching efforts were loses because of lack of offense and lack of relief pitching. Too many fly balls turn to outs in the deepest center field and few line drives and flies to the right and left fields areas where hits and extra bases in closer places.
    Batting coaching is not cutting it. Failure to stop the opponents from stealing bases is too obvious. The team needs to turn the corner or falter in mediocrity.

    1. They ARE mediocre. They have become complacent after winning it all last year. They think they can repeat but other teams got stronger, humbled them badly, and now they are in shock of what’s happening. There’s nobody in the organization that really know’s how to rectify this situation, except the brilliant mind of a Kobe Bryant. I thought the hiring of DR would instill contact hitting, the running game, solid pitching knowledge (after being tutored by Bud Black), and playing the game w/ a chip on the shoulder because that’s the kind of player he was. I think he had wished he got the job @ SD because that’s the kind of team he envisioned to coach. Athletes that hit the ball hard, multiple players that can run, couple of big boppers (like the ‘04 Boston ), and strikeout pitchers. His hands are tied given the personnel he has now. 2021 Dodgers are not that kind of team…’s more a one base at a time, can’t waste a out by incompetent bunting, slow base running, and just being conservative to wait for the 3-run HR.

  16. A very sad presentation of Dodger baseball this year ! I have felt it this whole season something is wrong or missing which should never happen with this kind of payroll and this organization ? What’s the answer, really not sure at this point but I do agree with most of what has been said here. I’m an old Dodger fan, there is no other baseball team for me so I’ll just have to hang in there good or bad. Go Dodgers

    1. I just hope the owners see the need for a change and hire a manager with baseball skills that Roberts lacks. Try to find someone with Tom Lasorda skills. It will be hard but not impossible.

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