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Dodgers Not Out of Running for Josh Donaldson, Per Reports

Josh Donaldson has been one of the league’s premier players for quite some time and his free agency appears to be coming down to the wire. According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the Dodgers remain in the mix to sign him, despite being a relative longshot.

The 34-year-old third baseman is coming off an excellent bounce-back campaign with the Atlanta Braves. Across 155 games played, he slashed .259/.379/.521 with 37 home runs, a 132 wRC+, and 4.9 WAR. He figures to be able to capitalize on his stellar 2019 campaign, despite his age.

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Donaldson has won an MVP in his career and holds a lifetime .878 on-base plus slugging percentage and consistently ranks amongst the league’s best defensive players at the hot corner.

While Donaldson remains a possibility, the club is still looking at viable options in Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor — who are reportedly in the endgame when it comes to trade conversations — and Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts. Donaldson appears to be the most unlikely scenario of the three when taking into account that most of the smoke in the media has been with Lindor and Betts.

The primary holdup in Donaldson’s free agency was initially the presence of Anthony Rendon in the market, but now it appears to be nearing the finish line. Donaldson figures to be receiving an excellent pay day in the ballpark of a four-year, $100 million deal. While this deal would be a risky proposition for most 34-year-old players, Donaldson’s odds at providing a return on the investment are quite high. If he can demonstrate the same ability, consistency, and health over that span, he is one of the best at the position for a reasonable price.

Amongst the teams interested in Donaldson — besides the Dodgers — are the incumbent Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, and Texas Rangers. The teams that missed out on the Anthony Rendon sweepstakes are going to certain lengths to try and secure a star third baseman this offseason. Another team that has entered into the sweepstakes is the Minnesota Twins.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. 4 year $100 million
    He’s not going to the Dodgers
    AL team sounds better so he can DH as well
    Even if Dodgers signed him, there would have to be a corresponding trade involving another infielder.

  2. Technically speaking this would not be a bad signing except for the fact that Max and Gavin may be the prime losers in playing time. From a team perspective, this has a domino effect on the outfield as well unless Joc ends up being traded. 250 at bats from Freese are being replaced by 550 at bats from Turner with Verdugo returning in the outfield. And the domino effect would extend to a couple others as well. So–think it through carefully.

  3. Players like Donaldson require money . That makes the likelihood of him becoming a Dodger moot. After the Braves added once again to their pitching staff with Smith, and only became better, I see him resigning with either ythem or signing with the Nat’s. Both teams will find a way to pay him, and also not subject him to platooning insanity!

      1. AZUL, from what I have read, Donaldson is a cancer in the clubhouse, and offends people with his loud mouth. And as you correctly, Robert’s style of management is scaring players away from the team. Go Blue!!!

  4. In the future, you only need to include the link to the Ken Rosenthal article. Besides getting the new directly from the real source we could also learn what good writing looks like.

  5. Donaldson is asking for too much. I’d rather go after someone such as Arenado, which won’t happen either because Rockies wouldn’t want to help a team in their division. Maybe Arenado will get tired of losing(being with the Rockies)??

    1. Since Dodgers appear to be not capable of signing anyone or trading for anyone , and again, Roberts is one of the reasons why, it looks like Dodgers will have to go to ST with the team they have. But most here realize that would not be enough to get through October.

      1. Paul there’s some delusional people here that completely and wholeheartedly buy into the ownership and FO line of BS that this team as it stands can win a championship and that our farm talent is so superior that they are like acquiring a big name via trade or free agency. The only championships this team has proven they can win are NL west division championships. The farm is good enough at getting them through a long season because each guy bursts onto the scene and carries the team for a period but they fade late when we need them and that’s why it’s not good for a World Series win

        1. Well Richard, something else to consider is that Dodgers cannot keep them all anyway, referring to the farm hands. But correct, when it matters the most, like in September and October, they simply are not enough to get the team through the post season. We ALL KNOW that the BS Freidman and Co. gave us about being good enough as the team now stands is the biggest joke in baseball that I can think of. You are correct on your assessment here of what is happening for sure.

          1. Paul I feel like Betances is someone even the cheap Dodgers could sign. It would actually complete the BP but most likely Treinen is their only move this winter

      2. Paul as always, you are spot on. The truth is easy to see with this current group of Dodger progressives! Like all progressives, the mngt wants to create their own baseball utopia, alienating their fan base and trying to change basic fundamentals that the sport has been succeeding with for ,150 years! Looks to me that they believe they are innovators and can win championships with only their farm system that they feel is superior to the rest of the league, and of course their idealism is flawless!

        1. Thank you, Kirk, and as far as Donaldson goes, I would be real surprise if indeed he does not sign with either the Nats or the braves. While I do agree that mortgaging the whole farm is not the way to go, we must remember that no team, including Dodgers cannot keep them all.

          1. Definitely never trade the entire farm but also especially Friedman needs to realize that his approach of holding on to all of them doesn’t win championships either. It never has and never will. IMO they just need to start competing with the entire league instead of their own division. They always take a step backwards instead of forward. Friedman never attains players for insurance! He won’t buy insurance! His rookies never come up big in the playoffs with the exception of buehler! He never matches up with teams he knows he has to beat! Hell get rid of puig Kemp and grandal and never replace their talent. Relies on rookies, not a winning formula! Never has been!!!!!

          1. And neither rose to the occasion to help the Dodgers win. As I recall Darvish contributed to the Astros winning and Manny fell short as well.

      3. The Front Office Braintrust are very content to make the playoffs and lead league in attendance and laugh all the way to the Bank

        1. Eureka. That’s it. No reason to do anything, until doing nothing loses money. Dodgers are rolling in money. Season tickets sold (profits even if no one goes), billions on TV deal, (even if no one watches), marketing and merchandise in the hundreds of millions. Now what smart investor would spend more money? I sure wouldn’t. I would sell (all talk) the team with promises enough to keep an interest.
          It’s not being negative or pessimistic. It is how business is run. $$$$$$$$$$

  6. I would have matched or exceeded what the Angels offered Rendon. But I wouldn’t want Donaldson for free, let alone for millions of dollars. He is a strikeout machine and is well below average in the field. Turner at this point is far better than Donaldson. I hope the Rockies trade Arenado soon. The sooner they do, the sooner the Dodgers can put together a package to get him from his new team when the trade deadline approaches and they are 20 games out of the playoff picture. Arenado’s new team won’t have Colorado’s hang-ups about dealing with the Dodgers. Kinda like how the Vikings got Brett Favre via the New York Jets.

    1. Every team has those hang ups with the Dodgers. Did you see what the Indians accepted from Texas?

  7. Hey Paul, I didn’t want to come back and comment about the Dodgers any more because of my displeasure with the FO and Roberts, but I just couldn’t resist,…
    Judging by the way the Dodgers are handling or NOT handling the free agents or trades,… at this point, I don’t have the confidence in that the Dodgers will pick anybody up,… and if bye an act of GOD, they do,.. I don’t feel that Roberts will be the one that will handle the team in a winning matter,… so we even try to discuss free agents and trades,… Still a Dodgers fan, but NOT a fan of the FO and Roberts!!!

    1. Not a fan of Roberts either!
      But what are you gonna do?
      Stuck with him til 2022

  8. Only 2 teams have made a serious offer. The Dodgers FO has no intention of signing anyone. Not even any more relievers which they need

  9. Relax. The Dodgers aren’t signing anyone of significance they’ll wait until the trade deadline and overpay for someone who fails to deliver or sign some overrated guy like Pollock who they couldn’t give away without paying his salary.

  10. 4 years and $100 mil for a 34 year old on the strength of a bounce back year? NFW. Lindor is the most viable target, but Lux must not be a part of it. Betts is a great player, but he would be another one-year rental and we sure as hell do not need David Price.

  11. What do you mean the Dodgers aren’t picking up more players? 2020 promises to have more bobbleheads then ever!!!!
    Just when people said they weren’t going to any games this year……marketing genius!

  12. Same old talk about this every year getting a star to play in LA. I’m tired of hearing all the rumors Dodgers going to do something. Be great to get Lindor but probably not going to happen. Best chance for a 3rd baseball man is a trade for Bryant from the Cubs. Not in the same division and the Cubs need to clear some money. But we do have to trade one of our outfielder like Joc


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