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Dodgers Off-Season: Josh Donaldson Signs with Minnesota Twins

The Dodgers have officially missed on every big ticket free agent this off-season. According to Mark Feinsand of, the Minnesota Twins have agreed to terms with free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson on a four-year deal. The terms of the deal in number are not yet known.

Donaldson always seemed like a long-shot considering the Dodgers would have had to move Justin Turner away from the hot corner and because Donaldson seemed intent on getting a four-year deal.

Donaldson was one of the best comeback stories in 2019 and cashed in on it. The Twins set the MLB record for most home runs in a season in 2019 and have just added even more thump to the lineup to strengthen their club further. The White Sox and Twins battling it out in the AL Central should be a fun watch all season.

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The main takeaway from this is that the Twins were likely more interested in going that fourth year with the 34-year-old third baseman than any other team in the sweepstakes. The Dodgers were always mentioned to be on the periphery — in large part because they have money to spend — and were never truly concrete in the mix.

If the Dodgers did have any real hopes of signing Donaldson or any free agent third baseman, they will now be forced to pivot to the trade market where Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant both loom large.

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Daniel Preciado

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  1. Glad the Twins got him. We had no need of a third baseman. We have Justin. Not only that but 4 years is a bit much for a 34 year old infielder. Especially at the 20 mil neighborhood per year. That money would be better spent trying to tie down a couple of our soon to be free agents. And preparing for a Kris Bryant or Nolan Arenando possibility. Not sure Arenando opts out if Colorado has a decent year. We have a solid infield for the moment. Next fall will be different with Justin a free agent.

  2. For the last 3 or 4 years it’s been the same thing, “just wait until next off-season, the Dodgers have a lot of money coming off the books so they will be big players in the free agent market.” And what do they to show for all this hype? A.J. Pollock, Alex Wood and a couple of players with dubious futures. They were never really ‘in on’ Cole, Rendon, Ryu, and now Donaldson. They may have made a low ball offer so they could tell the fans they tried but it wasn’t a real effort. (BTW- I never thought a 3 or 4 year for Donaldson was a good idea, I’m only commenting on the hype that they were really trying to sign him.)

    Now we’re being fed that after next season the Dodgers will be active in the free agent market. HA! There will be no Bryant, Arenando, Betts or Lindor unless the FO gets them at the trade deadline and then they will be gone when the season ends.

  3. Best move they made all summer by not signing him. Bryant is back with Cubs already and will stay. Arenado is not coming either.

  4. Its a wrap. The Dodgers have made no major acquisitions in the off-season. The team is even less likely to anything now that Astros and Red Sox have been implicated in the sign stealing scandals.

    Maybe these scandals have changed your perspective of Kershaw, Jansen and Darvish, but the Dodgers front office still is an organization that would rather hold on to prospects than acquire established major league talent. So we all can look forward to losing veteran players like Ryu, while hoping that Walmart discount veterans like Alex Wood (we had him once and traded him, now the Dodgers are getting him at the bargain rate of $4 million) and rookies like May can put up Cy Young numbers.

    It probably will take 2 to 3 seasons for these minor league superstars to establish themselves and who knows how good they will be? In the meantime, the Dodgers will lose Kershaw, Turner, Jansen, Petersen and a few more.

    Bottom line… Its not the way to win championships, but it does maximize your profits.

  5. big profits, that is only thing fudman, kasten & rest of owners can see, not looking down the road. i am happy they did not sign josh,to old, we have an old 3b now. nolan is the guy to get. fudman kasten waiting to see who they can pull out of the basement next.

  6. Well, Dodgers were concerned with Turner’s declining defense at 3rd and he himself said he would move to 1st to accommodate getting a RH 3rd baseman to plug in middle of lineup. But Turner will be back at 3rd and will obviously get days off and.. not much more to be said here.

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