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Dodgers Off-Season: Nolan Arenado Claps Back at Rockies as Club Ends Trade Talks

Of all the rumors that have hit the hot stove this off-season, the fact that the Colorado Rockies were actively looking to trade franchise icon Nolan Arenado was quite shocking. For the better part of two months, the All-Star third baseman has found his name linked to multiple ballclubs, including the Dodgers.

Now Colorado GM Jeff Bridich has reportedly pulled Arenado off the trade market and that was enough for the long-time Rockie to break his silence on the off-season and his club.

There’s a lot of disrespect from people there that I don’t want to be a part of. You can quote that.

Arenado made sure to clarify that he’s not upset about the trade rumors, but that “there’s more to it than that.”

Of course, much has been made of the fact that Nolan signed an 8-year contract extension with the Rockies less than 12 months ago only to have the club regress by 20 wins while finishing in 4th in the National League West in 2019.

How could a relationship turn this sour that fast?

Where it gets surprising is how quickly Arenado spoke out after being pulled off the trade market. Earlier in the day, Jeff Bridich made the announcement that the club would be holding onto the 5-time All-Star for the 2020 season.

With the season coming up and spring training on the horizon, we are going to start focusing on that. We have listened to teams regarding Nolan and really nothing has come of it. We are going to move forward pretty much as we expected — with Nolan in the purple and black and as our third baseman.

Moreover, it’s not quite as surprising to hear that Arenado spoke out critically on something. One thing that could be said about the third baseman is that he’s not one to hold punches. He’s a man of passion who lives in the moment.

More importantly, he’s a man that lives to win baseball games.

Therein lies the frustration for Nolan — he wants to win and he’s not sure if the Rockies are fully on board. Last season he faced criticism after stating that the season “feels like a rebuild” and expanded to say the following late last season.

How do I evaluate this team? We’re behind. We’re going to lose close to 90-some games. And that wasn’t the plan when I signed, that wasn’t the goal.

At a time rich with drama for baseball, the start of spring training is surely going to be interesting around the league. And you can quote me on that.

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  1. “Jeff Bridich could be found hiding under his desk at Coors Field, and will comment soon.”

  2. Everybody wants to win. That’s still the only reason Arenado would ever consider being a Dodger. It’s not the clear blue skies, or the Hollywood lifestyle. The Dodgers have a commitment to winning now, and the Rockies don’t. They were surprisingly terrible last year.

  3. If Nolan was so concerned about winning consistently then why sign an 8 year deal with the Colorado to begin with

  4. I would love to see Nolan Arenado on our team. And JT’s willing, ready and able to make room for him by moving to first base. Arenado wants to win, is charismatic, appears to have integrity and is an excellent player. Could this be who we have been saving all that money for….. (sigh)

  5. Here we go again something to lick your chops over again the press rumored every top player in the league and that’s all they are it’s something that somebody thought would be good to write and then the other writers follow suit believe me he won’t sign with the Dodgers we will be left with our tongue’s hanging once again they really haven’t gone after anybody from the start.

    1. He’s already signed, it would be a trade….one Arenado would have to approve because of a no-trade clause.

  6. Offer them Ruiz, Gonsolin and Gray and see if you can get their attention. The Rockies, of course, will want Lux and May but that would be a non-starter, for me.

    1. Hold on curtis. In your wildest dream lux could turn out to be Arenado, but not really likely. May could turn out to be a top of the rotation pitcher but not likely. Ruiz may turn into a starting catcher but not likely. Gonsolin is really a career minor leaguer and grey? Who knows. So for a generation player you have to give up lux or may plus any or all of the rest. Young guys are a dime a dozen but all stars aren’t.

      1. What you are missing is that teams don’t just value performance, but performance/salary. Arenado definitely is a 10 when it comes to performance, but at a massive salary cost. The guys the Dodgers could offer would not be a 10 in performance (at least not at first) but would be extremely cheap with team control for years and years. A good place to see the “real” value of players is

        I was hoping the Rockies would move Arenado to an AL team wanting to make a “San Diego” type splash. Then when they were 10 games out at the trade deadline the Dodgers could swoop in and get him for prospects that would never haunt the Dodgers in the future. Alas, it looks like the Rockies are going to roll the dice that Arenado doesn’t become more disgruntled as the they lose 90 games. Not likely.

      2. There are a couple from here who, like myself WOULD deal Lux to Colorado as part of a trade for Nolan Arenado. That would be the only situation where Lux could be dealt. Nolan has a no trade clause and in the right situation that could benefit Dodgers because Arenado can dictate fully where he goes or does not go.

  7. Well I think you have to trust AF’s judgement about talent and he likes both May and Lux. They’re not getting traded for 2 years of Arenado

  8. Nolan ,would look good Dodgers Blue for the future. Colorado will not win more than 65 games this season. He be a good player to in L.A.Go Dodgers .

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