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Dodgers-Padres Sunday Night Baseball Game Will Be Delayed Due to Weather

As the Dodgers get set for their rubber match with the San Diego Padres tonight, they have announced that the game will have a delayed start due to weather. Much like the game on Saturday evening, rain in the area has caused a later start time.

The team said that they would provide updates as they monitor the weather conditions.

The game on Saturday was delayed for more than an hour before the two sides could take the field. Los Angeles ended up winning the game by a score of 5-2 behind a very strong game from starter Gavin Stone.

This game Sunday is part of the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on ESPN. Left-hander James Paxton was scheduled to take the mound for Los Angeles, while right-hander Yu Darvish was going to oppose him for the Padres.

The Dodgers have announced that the game will begin at 4:45 pm PT.

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

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Matt Levine

Matt earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from Louisiana State University in 2021. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, growing up a huge fan of the Dodgers and Lakers. Matt Kemp was his favorite Dodgers player growing up.

One Comment

  1. It’s clear. As of now, the Dodgers’ starters and relief staff are awful! And please tell us who is the Dodger player personnel genius responsible for J. P. Feyereisen? He really proved his ability tonight, allowing 3 runs and a series loss to the Padres. He’s absolutely, one of the worst pitchers we saw in Spring Training, and he does not belong in the Big Leagues.
    Don’t look now Dodger fans, but the Dodgers are not what everyone makes them out to be. They have a number of holes and weaknesses. Their outfielders, apart from Teoscar Hernandez, are non-productive-offensively impotent. Gavin Lux is a BUST, and eventually MUST be traded! Muncy is one dimensional. He cannot field his position, cannot hit for average, does slug, but is not a #5 hitter, and wouldn’t Nolan Arenado love coming home to play in LA?.
    The starting pitching staff, at the moment, is a ‘hold your breath’ bunch, with just ONE experienced, healthy, reliable pitcher, Tyler Glasnow. The relief staff, apart from Hudson and Phillips, is flat out weak! Feyereisen is a prime example. Ryan Brasier’s ERA is over 5, and Alex Vesia has already cost the Dodgers 2 losses. Yes, their complete pitching staff has injuries, but this team is not cohesive, in sync, and very beatable.
    San Diego proved it this weekend. Their lineup is potent, and their whole pitching staff is as good or better than LA’s. AND their manager is knowledgeable, and IN the game, moment to moment, sending signs, making notes; not sitting motionless like Dave Roberts eating pumpkin seeds.
    Yes, its early, but this Dodger team is not playing well together. Just rolling the ball out on the field, and letting the players play, is not going to win WS titles. We see a lackadaisical group of players, without a true leader, and a manager who knows what strings to pull, who can stir up emotions, and can show some fire!
    There’s definitely no Kirk Gibson in this bunch…from the manager down, and even in the Hedge Fund-stocked baseball front office. As constructed, there are too many non-baseball player minds running Dodger baseball operations; it’s seemingly a culture of too many nicey-nice people who don’t want to upset anyone. They’re those phony ‘go along to get along’ types.
    Having played the game professionally, yes, this team has talent, but it sorely lacks a toughness to win beyond division titles, in the West division that for years has not always had competitive teams.
    To our specific point, it’s our opinion this Dodger team lacks on-field emotional leadership. There’s been no true Dodger leaders since Tommy Lasorda, Kirk Gibson and Orel Hershiser in the Eighty’s. Certainly, no winners-leaders like a Kobe, Magic, Jordan, Jeter, Brady, who all were 5x plus champions in their respective sports.
    Other than Lasorda, have any of you seen any Dodger manager leading their teams like Bruce Bochy, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Bill Belichick, did or has done? Yet, with all the player talent the Dodgers had over Lasorda’s 20 year managerial term, his emotional leadership wasn’t enough, since he was not a great ‘in game’ manager.
    Over that 20 year span, the Glam Dodgers won 1599 games and lost 1439 games. Lasorda’s Dodgers won 2 World Series championships. OK, but certainly NOT great. AND there’s been only ONE (2020) World Series title in the last 35 years. WHY is that with all the supposed talent they’ve had?
    Dave Roberts is neither Lasorda nor any of the other great coaches and managers mentioned. He’s more like scout leader, Fred Rogers, and the “SOFT & NICE” Roberts’ Dodgers play like “Its Another Day In the Neighborhood.”
    Just our opinion, but they seem to epitomize Los Angeles’ reputation for being a Glitzy, vacuous yet Nice, “Milque Toast” city, full of posers, frauds, fantasizers, self-centered egoists, and losers.
    The Dodger organization is full of “Nice Guy” people. It’s the Dodger culture. NICE is who they are.
    Wonder whatever happened to the words of former Dodger player/manager, Leo Durocher, who said, “NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!”

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