Dodgers: Players and Coaches From Both Sides Speak Out on Benches Clearing Incident

It was a wild one in Houston and the Dodgers and Astros gave us every bit of the drama we were hoping for. Things got spicy when Joe Kelly got into it late in the game after Kelly sat him down to end a threat. 

Benches cleared, teams were warned, and tensions were at al all-time high. It really was everything we wanted out of this series. Things got even better when the game was over, and Dodgers players got to talk to the media. Joe Kelly said in his interview that throwing behind Alex Bregman was not intentional. 

When asked about the exchange, Astros’ manager added more fuel to the fire. Baker said that the Dodgers pitcher had a little bit extra to say and that it got the Houston players fired up. You’ll have to pardon us for the language on this one. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who is almost never looking to stir the pot, commented on Kelly’s pitch to Bregman. That pitch sort of started the whole thing but it ultimately boiled over with Correa. Roberts wasn’t sure whether or not there was any intention behind Kelly’s pitch. 

Joe Kelly took a jab at Carlos Correa at the end of his interview and…well, you’re just going to have to read this and enjoy it on your own.


Kelly was able to work his way out of a jam that could have potentially let the three-run lead slip away. The Dodgers face off against the Astros one more time tonight in Houston. Expect some fireworks again, as players and coaches are still fired up. Baseball is back! 

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but watching the game and looking at the video afterwards it looked like the players were grouped in front of the Dodger dugout. So let’s say a Dodger like Joe Kelly said something – certainly he did. They are cheaters and should be called thus for their entire careers. But the entire Astro ( looked it up- it’s not an English word but means cheater in several other languages) team went over to the Dodger side of the diamond to possibly fight because their skin is a bit thin. Better get used to it.

  2. More of this is needed for the Trash Can Astros. There should have been suspensions for the players but no. Baseball left it to the players and finally someone stood up against cheating. Way to go Joe!

  3. wow! Joe Kelly just made my season! Dusty just needs to sit his butt down on the bench and shut up

  4. Kelly was just flat out wild. He had no clue where his fastball was going. Houston players were expecting to get thrown at; so when Kelly was wild high and inside; they immediately freaked. . They should have just left the bat on their shoulder. . But tonight if we get a. 3 or 4 run lead; bring Joe in again. He already probably has an out in his back pocket.

    1. Yep. If Kelley had any control at all he could have actually hit someone instead of spraying pitches all over the place. I was dissappointed that no Asstrole batters were hit during this game. Hope to see a couple go down tonight. You have to do more than talk to send a strong message.

    2. Proof of that is the fact that after his fastballs sailed, he refused to throw it again. Even the commentators took note that he lost confidence in his fastball. That was just wild pitching. However Kelly did take exception to the stares and comments from the Astricks.

  5. What no one seems to be talking about……….Kelly ran to first to accept a throw from Muncey in their attempt to get Brantley on a force @ first. That is actually what sparked the incident in my opine.

    Kelly’s foot was in an awkward position on the inside corner of the bag and Brantley ran into Kelly’s foot as he arrived @ the bag. Brantley was clearly out.

    Problem is someone said something that I could not hear. In another words I am not sure who initiated the verbal exchange. But I clearly heard someone in the Astro dugout yell out to Kelly “Just get on the mound you little shit”.

    That seemed to be what made the situation escalate to Kelly making faces and taunting Correa after he struck him out.

    Correa has been one of the most vocal Astro’s defending their cheating after it became public.

    Kelly was not even a Dodger but maybe he has a grudge on principal.

    Baker may be taking issue with something Kelly said after the collision with Brantley OR Kelly’s exchange with Correa……..Baker never makes that issue clear.

    1. Agree, no one is talking about him getting spiked and yelled at to go back to the mound. He was also a pitcher for Boston when they lost World Series to Houston in 2017.
      His stock went way up with us Dodger fans!

    2. Kelly was in Boston in17 and lost to the asterisks also I thought someone said just get on the mound mf’er

  6. This escalated after Brantley, unintentionally it appeared, spiked Kelly on the play at 1st base. That was Kelly’s fault for misplacing his foot in front of the bag. So who shouted “Get back on the mound motherf****r”? It -sounded- like Dusty Baker, but I could be wrong…

  7. Thank you Kelly, and the Astros need to not be surprised about a little smack talk especially Correa who opened his mouth the most this offseason and doubled down

  8. Altuve, Bergman, Correa will all get thrown at all season long. Fault of the Commissioner who is weak. Time to replace him with someone who will protect the game of baseball!

  9. Dusty Baker said something about a player’s career being ended. The Astros players already did that to them selves, the Dodgers are just the firts team to unleash on them, the Yankees should follow suit, Aroldis Chapman throws real hard, lets see how it pans out.

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