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Dodgers Players and Coaches Gather Around Jackie Robinson’s Statue to Reflect on His Legacy

Jackie Robinson is always a very special day around Major League Baseball. But there is something about being a part of the Dodgers organization that carries a bit more weight on the anniversary of him breaking the color barrier. 

The Dodgers are obviously the team that Jackie broke through with. Dave Roberts understands that it brings a little extra meaning, and took the time to talk with his players outside of the stadium before their game on Thursday. Doc revealed what players, coaches, and front office members talked about while visiting Jackie’s statue. 

It was just kind of painting a picture. We all know that Jackie Robinson the name, the 42 in every ballpark. But just trying to give people context on his life and his legacy and what he meant to not only people of color in baseball outside of baseball. Being treated fairly, being respected, not always being liked but being determined. 

Doc went on to say that it’s a special moment when you can get members all across the organization together with a purpose. On Thursday, the Dodgers’ purpose was to reflect on the life and legacy of Jackie Robinson. 


Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy was one of the many players in attendance. After the game, he talked about what Roberts said and what the experience was like for the team.

Doc had a lot of good messages for us. The biggest thing was talking about just being a good person really. That’s kind of one of the things Jackie he was a great person…Doc tried to relay that to us and to challenge us to continue to be better people. It’s not always about baseball, there are a lot of things in the world that we could do a lot to help with. That starts with being a better person. 

Jackie Robinson Day will always be special across baseball, but holds a special place for the Dodgers and their fans. What better way to celebrate than with a hard-fought win to cap off a series sweep over the Rockies. 

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The Dodgers head south to San Diego this weekend to take on the Padres. They will play 3 games and head off to Seattle next week before returning home. 

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