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Dodgers: Players Seem Very Happy the Team is Spending Money

The Dodgers just added a whopping $162 million to their payroll over the next 6 years. They did that by going out and stealing Freddie Freeman from the defending World Series Champion Braves last night. And while that deal has yet to be made official, Freddie is a Dodger. 

Players were up all night last night reacting to the news. Dodgers players took to Twitter and social media to drop little things here and there, but we got real player reactions from the clubhouse at Camelback Ranch today.

The prevailing theme was that the Dodgers were very excited to have Freddie, obviously. But it was more than that from the players today. So many of them expressed gratitude to be a part of an organization willing to spend money. That includes Trea Turner, who we are hoping is in for a big payday with Los Angeles.  

Clayton Kershaw also had a similar sentiment. The Dodgers signed him to a one-year deal this past week, and the fact that they want to win a World Series was one of the reasons he chose them over the Rangers. 

Max Muncy added a little more than just the fact that they want to spend and win. The slugging infielder(?) talked about the fact that they can make trades, make free agent signings, and STILL have the depth that they do at the minor league level. 

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It’s truly a wonderful organization to be a part of, and it’s no wonder that players around the league want to come out and play here. Who wouldn’t want to play for a team with the main goal of winning a World Series every single year?

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