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Dodgers Polls: Fans Unhappy with Slow Offseason Thus Far

Not every move that the Dodgers are going to make this offseason needs to happen right now. This we know. It feels at times like the front office loves tormenting fans, making us wait for any blockbuster moves. But, as more top players get signed by other teams, patience begins to run thin among fans.

To make matters worse, the Dodgers seem to keep giving themselves more holes to fill with key pieces being lost to teams and no answer to replace them. What exactly is the team doing?

With many moves still left to be answered, fans took to the internet go give their resounding grade for the Dodgers so far. Of course with virtually no moves made and many players gone, the grade comes with no surprise.

With nearly 70 percent of the votes, the Dodgers earn a D/F grade among the fans. Only 4 percent of fans believe the Dodgers have gotten an A this off-season.

Overall, the Dodgers have not been winning this off-season so the grades come as no surprise. The only move they made that has helped potentially immediately bolster the roster is bringing back Clayton Kershaw.

Instead the Dodgers have lost Trea Turner, Cody Bellinger, Tyler Anderson and Andrew Heaney. The Dodgers missed out on top pitchers that were linked to the team and of course Aaron Judge seemed impossible from the beginning.

The frustration among fans is warranted, but more moves can be made in the horizon. The Dodgers are sticking with their D/F grade at the moment, but what’s the best outcome for the Dodgers with the players left? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have a feeling that they are planning to go with youth in 2023 by bringing up Outman and Miguel, Pepiot, Grove and other rookie pitchers, and take a shot!

  2. “Only 4 percent of fans believe the Dodgers have gotten an A this off-season.”
    That grade A was for “A$$holes”.

  3. Lets face it, to this point it has been unfortunate. We couldnt win in the playoffs last season with a loaded lineup. Now we have lost key pitchers and offense. We are considering playing several rookies in 2023. That all adds up to getting worse, not better. Meanwhile SD is getting better by adding Bogarts. I think its going to be difficult to win the division let alone get to the World Series. Dodgers get an A for cutting payroll and an F for improving the team.

  4. I should know better than to pay attention to the rumors and speculations. I’m holding on to the hope that they have something amazing up their sleeves. But who’s left?

  5. Dodgers have decided to go with a lineup that gives rookies a chance and stay under the luxury tax threshold. Maybe May and Gonsolin stay healthy and have great years. Maybe Urías and Kershaw continue to pitch well and they get just enough run production.

    More likely is that the lineup of Tatis Jr, Juan Soto, Manny Machado and Boegarts leads the Padres back to the National League Championship rematch with the loaded New York Mets.

  6. I am in the minority that thinks that Andrew Friedman is doing a good job. at least this year… It’s the Trevor Bauer signing from two years ago that’s keeping them from making any moves.I most certainly would not have given $300 million to Trea Turner, nor $400 million to Aaron Judge. if indeed they are saving up for Ohtani and Urias next year, it’s the right move.

    1. Ohtani is not coming to the Dodgers because their descent into mediocrity will become cemented in 2023. He has made it clear he wants to play for a winner.

      1. Yep, losing Trea and his 5 WAR and replacing him with a league average SS will mean we will have to settle for 106 wins, if they put any WAR in CF they can make up for some of that, but yeah, no way Ohtani comes to obviously one of the worst teams in baseball, oh wait, does any other team have the money to sign him after giving out 11 year, 300M contracts like candy.

    2. They’re not resigning Urias. Prepare and accept it now. Boras is the agent. He will sell Julio as the best pitcher in the majors and demand 370M over 10 years for his service. And some foolish team will sign him for that amount; I’m looking at you Texas.

  7. 1. Betts
    2. Freeman
    3. W. Smith
    4. Muncy
    5. Vargas
    6. Lux
    7. Taylor
    8. Outman
    9. Thompson
    Opening Day Lineup ?

  8. @C. Koonce, I would bat Outman with his power 6th, and Lux in the 8 hole. Otherwise this is a perfect righty-lefty lineup.

  9. Re-sign Justin. And then? Lux at SS. He was tough out until he hurt his neck. Miguel Vargas. He didn’t hit much last year. But did anyone watch his at bats? He understands the strikezone. Not many swings and misses. I remember Mike Schmidt’s rookie year. Below the Mendoza line. And now Hall of Fame. I say let’s get us a ROY. Outman could surprise as well. What about pitching? Pepiot? He will develop command. He had a good ERA with a gazillion walks and pitches. He cuts his pitch count by 20% and look out. Let’s roll the dice.

  10. This reminds me of times when my wife is mad at me (or at someone else and projecting onto me) and says, “SAY SOMETHING!’ during a pause, and it feels like she’s goading me to say something to get madder at.

  11. It’s ridiculous what the dodgers have done up to this point. Seems like they’re just signing old players that were good a while ago. What the hell is that? It’s been rumored that they want to wait for next off-season when otanhi is available. Just because he’s available, it doesn’t mean the dodgers will be getting him. There will be many teams wanting him. What about this coming season? Are they just going to waste another year with Betts and Freidman?

  12. We didn’t win last year because our guys tended to have a sense of entitlement. You could see it in that last series against the ROX at the Ravine. 3 of 6 games, our guys didn’t even show up! Then we took some days off waiting for the wild card winner, then San Diego came in and kicked our butts. All of the above, while certainly players played a significant role, is mainly on the field Manager. Never would you ever see a guy like LaSorda letting his players get too full of themselves.

    As for me, I prefer to see more hungrier players, guys that have somethings to prove. I like the youth movement, even if it nets us a second or third place finish next year. We need the energy. We need younger, hungrier men. I think the guys coming up will provide that next year and maybe in a year or two, we will be back in contention for a WS.

  13. I for one am not disappointed as I would have not spent 300mil on TT or 400Mil on AJ lets see what they have up thier sleeves we have alot of young talent and if the Bauer News is good we dont have to worry about 34mil we will be able to make moves at the trade deadline and money for next year OHtani is worth the 400mil as he plays to positions P and offense

  14. The entitlement of Dodgers fans is incredible. It’s like the spoiled rich kid who expects to get every expensive toy he wants for Christmas. I grew up in the Milwaukee area where the Brewers signing Andrew McCutcheon is considered a big signing. Have some perspective people!

    The Dodgers have so much talent flowing through their farm system that is ready to play with the big club in 2023, I would be excited for this coming season even if the they didn’t sign a single major free agent.

  15. The Dodger Fans need to get over the whole Carlos Correa anger. He would be a perfect piece for this team. Boo him on opening day, get it out of your systems and then watch one the best players in the league do his thing. I would rather see him on the Dodgers than the Giants.

  16. I didn’t realize Trea Turner carried the team to the best offense in baseball nor did I realize Tyler Anderson and Andrew Heaney did the same for the 6th best pitching. Perhaps it was Bellinger and Price.

    I’ve been hearing about Vargas, Busch, and Outman for so long they must be close to free agency. I want to see them in the lineup. Who thinks they’ll produce worse than Bellinger? Or with the loss of Turner, the team will fall from best to last in offense.

    Who cares if they drop from 111 wins to 95 as long as they make the playoffs. The 111 sure helped them last season.

    The Dodgers dropped 10 positions before their first pick in 2023 draft. And their compensation picks for Anderson and Turner are after the 4th round. This because they exceeded to luxury tax for 3 straight years. Who wants to see them become the Angels – 3 or 4 ridiculously paid players, zero depth, and no farm where any injury craters the season.

    Let Friedman find a few reclamation pitching prospects and resign JT. If it all blows up he’ll address it at the trade deadline.

  17. Entitlement? Give us a break. If we lived in Milwaukee and thought a cheese factory was a great job, then we wouldn’t have a clue what it would be like paying low season ticket prices, parking and concessions. If Milwaukee had a Guaranteed 400 million coming through the gates, the cheese and Beer folks would be squawking much louder than the storied Dodger fans that expect to be a contender annually …

  18. Dodgers lose one point for losing Trae Turner. San Diego gains one point for picking up Bogarts and a half-point by having their second half with Tatis back. Net difference is San Diego gains 2 1/2 points on the Dodgers. The 2023 NL West will be a hard-fought between the Friars and the Padres while the other four teams fight for second place. Dodgers are likely second place, maybe enough to make the playoff. There still two shortstop options in Corea and Swanson. Fans need to get over the 2017 World Series and concentrate on the one ahead. Swanson would be great.

    How does one team lose so many first-class pitchers and still be desperate? Bauer scandal takes out one Cy Young, injuries take out Cy Young contender Buehler, Dustin May injured 90-percent of year, Blake Treinen injury stuck us with Kimbrell. All of these would make a team a World Series contender. In spite of this, LA had great pitching in 2022.

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