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Dodgers News: Andrew Heaney Signs Two-Year Deal with Rangers

Another Dodgers starting pitcher is on the move. Andrew Heaney has signed a two-year deal with the Rangers.

The two-year deal comes with a player option for the second year allowing Heaney to go out and test the market once again depending on his level of play. As it stands, the contract is worth $25 million but can increase to $37 million with incentives in those two years.

Heaney’s move puts him in company with Jacob deGrom, who was heavily linked to the Dodgers, and a team that had their eyes on Clayton Kershaw.

Heaney started 14 games for the Dodgers this season with injuries surrounding the Dodgers pitching unit and now gives the Dodgers a new hole to fill. While the Dodgers are looking to sign players, more continue to leave.

In 16 games this season, Heaney finished with a 4-4 record 110 strikeouts on a 3.10 ERA. His 72.2 innings pitched were the fifth most on the team with the Dodgers losing two of their top five most relied on pitchers from 2022 (Tyler Anderson).

With some of the top pitchers now off the market, the team either will have to be comfortable with the lineup they already have or look to help with cheaper. This of course doesn’t rule out the possibility of bringing in Carlos Rodon, although it seems like a long shot.

Who can the Dodgers sign to replace the production lost so far on the pitching staff?

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  1. It just won’t end; that is, the exodus of very important players with no VALID explanations for their departure, AND no apparent efforts to sign mire than capable replacements. If they don’t at least sign Rodon, I may be finished with LA after 68 years as a fan.

    1. Agreed. You work to develop and build a solid farm system, you may as well use them rather than trade them for some ungrateful, overpriced prima donna. There’s nothing more discouraging for young talent than a logjam at the ML level. Give them a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Disagree. THIS team should be in the WS every year. Never happening without top/frontline stars. What you propose is really a rebuild which the fans do not want.

    1. It is not a rebuild and I agree with Greg B. Front line stars became front line stars by playing and preforming at the major league level. Other teams don’t seem to have a problem bringing their top prospects up and neither should the Dodgers. What the H is having a stud filled minor league system if they are not given the chance to play at the major league leve. This team has plenty of talent and certainly enough to reach the playoffs without winning a division title and there is no reason to to believe they won’t win with their current roster configuration. One thing they do need to do is bring Justin back with a contract that allows him to retire as a Dodger. He can still handle third and when needed to be off of his feet, serve as the DH.

  3. Guess that’s the way it’s going to be
    & as true Dodger fans- we’ll have to
    live with this off season ‘cheapskate’
    strategy. Guess if the idea starts to
    slide ’round mid-season, we have the
    trade deadline for re-inforcements!

  4. I know Milwaukee said thet they will not trade Burnes and Adames, but remember, the Nationals said that they would not trade Soto, and look what happened.

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