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Dodgers: Potential Mookie Betts Trade Package Discussed on MLB Network

As you have probably seen over the past few weeks, yes, the Dodgers are in talks with the Boston Red Sox regarding both former MVP outfielder Mookie Betts and starting pitcher David Price.

On a recent MLB Network segment, the crew of MLBN discussed a potential trade package that would put both players in Los Angeles. While this suggestion from former general manager Dan O’Dowd is not the best, it provides a rough estimate for what the talks are expected to consist of.

The dynamics of a potential Betts and Price deal are extremely complicated. The money both players are owed mixed in with the way both clubs operate could either complicate or smooth out the process. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has a very solid relationship with the Red Sox newly-hired Chaim Bloom, also a positive in these discussions.

In evaluating this proposal, it is rather lopsided. The only true value the Red Sox would be receiving is financial levity and three middle-tier prospects. Dennis Santana is a wild card, Jordan Sheffield is a relief prospect (that was passed over by all 30 teams in the recent Rule-5 Draft), and Jeren Kendall has a pretty low floor, albeit with an extremely high ceiling.

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This trade would not be accepted by Boston in all likelihood.

According to Baseball Trade Values, both teams would be getting negative returns in value. The Dodgers would get the better of the deal, acquiring -$10 million in value while relinquishing -$13.8 million in value. While it is pretty close, the overall dynamics do not make sense for either side. If the mentioned cash considerations are sizable, it makes it even more lopsided.

A potential trade package that would actually make sense for both sides is something in the realm of this:

Dodgers Trade: OF Alex Verdugo, 1B Edwin Rios, C Connor Wong

Red Sox Trade: OF Mookie Betts

In this scenario, the Dodgers would acquire $50 million in value and the Red Sox would be acquiring $58.9 million. While the Red Sox would be getting more value, the trade would make sense for both sides. The Dodgers would absorb all the money owed to Betts — about $27.7 million in his final year of arbitration — and the Red Sox would be acquiring a ready-made replacement and two solid prospects, one of whom has already hit at the big league level.

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Daniel Preciado

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  1. Per trade simulator Betts and Verdugo have identical trade values. Why would the Dodgers need to add more? I would not part with Verdugo for a 1 year rental as Betts is in all likelihood unsignable after the year. He will demand – and receive – a guaranteed term and AAV that exceeds Rendon’s deal. It’s simply too much to commit to a single player if you want to field a competitive team.

  2. Maeda, Pollock, Rios, and Sheffield for Betts, and Price – no financial consideration from Red Sox

    1. Maybe we could unload Pollock for Betts and Kelley for Price. But seriously, Price is pretty lame. Hope Dodgers see that. They liked Kelley because he pitched well in 2018 WS. Hasn’t done anything since. Same for Price. I wouldn’t give a single prospect for Price. He’s a salary dump. I’d give up Verdugo for Betts especially with the back issue that still isn’t resolved, and may be very long term. I’d rather hold onto Pederson and his 36 HR (entirely against RHP) as an ongoing platoon in left. Verdugo looks more and more like damaged goods to me. I feel sorry for him. But it is what it is. Since Betts is basically a one year salary dump, I wouldn’t give much more than Verdugo. Betts could be a real difference maker in 2020.

  3. One year lease a player (Betts) and why would you want a person like Price on your team ??? He’s difficult to get along with and his best days are behind him ,he will break down in a short time on injured list ,and really disrupt the club house , you don’t have to think hard on this one.

    1. Doesn’t mean you have to keep Price. He has a market and can be flipped by adding a prospect. And a little cash. You could offer him to the Angels, Rangers or Padres or any other team that is hurting for starting pitching. I personally would like to see Betts in Dodger blue. Remember that Kershaw and Turner’s contracts come off in 2021.

    2. Agreed. Price is a grumpy old fool, finished. BP material.

      Betts is over rated, and has hit in the laughable Little League confines of Fenway.

  4. Breaks down ,best years behind him! One year rental who will be gone to FA to a team eventually trying to win a world series! Right up Friedman’s ally! Perfect scenario for Friedman to pull off!

  5. Price is a spoiled player who would be a terribly expensive cancer in the clubhouse for three years so forget him completely. Betts is a one-year loaner. Why would the Dodgers trade any decent prospects for that and assume all that salary? Maybe a current roster mid-level player or a couple of lower level prospects. At least, today’s goofiness doesn’t include any of our top prospects.

  6. Price will definitely be a burden on the team both financially & performance wise as well as personality!
    Betts is one year & gone. Only way is trade for Betts only for 2 or 3 mid to lower 2nd tier minor league players.

  7. Why would Boston accept the players from Dodgers? The only players/prospects that look decent are Sheffield, maybe Santana. That trade looks lopsided in the Dodgers favor as far as what they would send To Boston. Perhaps as posters state that Price is bad player(chemistry-wise) and Betts could bolt after 1 season.

  8. The Dodgers have a grotesque amount of top young talented players. Why does anyone think we need Mookie Betts? I believe he needs the Dodgers.

    1. Bingo!

      He’s good, but no that good, highly over rated.

      Remember, Betts has been hitting in the extremely hitter friendly, Little League, Fenway Park.

      1. Cleveland just dumped Kluber for nothing. Dodgers could angle for Betts alone as a similar salary dump. It actually fits Freidmans personality too. He doesn’t seem to mind spending money as long as it’s short term. One year of Betts is short term. And it could also be one year where you win the world series. You need something that puts you over the top. Betts could do that.

  9. I kind of doubt any deal with Boston actually gets done to be honest. My preference is to FIRST sign Donaldson because he won’t cost the Dodgers the top prospects that teams will demand in any deal.

  10. I agree with paul
    I would like for the dodgers to keep the young talent in house and develop them as long as possible
    Ala Bellinger ect.
    I think the most dire need at this moment is another Ace pitcher or someone to supplement buehler. An elite pitcher as a 1 2 punch.
    Like Strasburg and Max
    Or Verlander and Cole.
    These are the world series contenders Common thread. You have to have an elite 1 2 punch.
    We also need a few elite arms in the bull pen to help Meada and Kenley Jansen out.

  11. Dodgers do not make this trade (this way)………..Pollock has to go………and Verdugo has to stay………otherwise there is no point in adding Betts.

  12. Seems like there’s a lot of dum dodger bandwagon fans.No! We Don’t need Betts or price Verdugo has more talent than Betts and May and Gonsolin are better than price and forget about Donaldson who is really injury prone . All these bandwagon fans Don’t realise that betss,lidor’s numbers will shrink at dodger stadium and only reason keeping Dodgers from winning it all for last 6 years is management by hiring Mattingly inexperienced and Roberts inexperienced too and not smart enough(keeps making same stupid mistakes over and over again)Friedman he makes Roberts make those stupid mistakes and owners like magic who hasn’t done anything to help the dodgers.

  13. Lets start with Betts alone. Seager and Stripling. – A risk for LA or a championship. LA also at worst gets a draft choice.

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