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Dodgers Present Joc Pederson and His Brother a 2020 World Series Ring

Thursday started off as a great night for the Dodgers. They got to welcome Joc Pederson back into town and all the players were happy to have their buddy at the Ravine. The team also had a really cool pregame ceremony for Joc in front of fans to give him his 2020 World Series ring. 

The Dodgers played a moving video tribute for Joc who was a big part of the team for so many years. Joc was drafted by Los Angeles in 2010 and made his big league debut in 2014. He hit 141 homeruns in a Dodger uniform and had HUGE moments in the postseason. 

But there was also an added surprise to the event that sort of flew under the radar. The Dodgers apparently gave Joc’s younger brother Champ a World Series ring of his own. Champ talked about it with Cubs broadcasters during the game

Champ capped off the interview by saying “I’m very happy to be Joc’s older brother” and left us all in a puddle of happy tears. As big as Joc was with the Dodgers while in Los Angeles, Champ was right there with him. It seemed like every step of the way he was right there alongside his little brother cheering him on. 

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The Dodgers and their fans will always miss Joc and Champ. They deserve every bit of happiness coming his way in Chicago. 

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  1. Absolutely one of the best interviews complete with raw, genuine, emotion. Congrats to Champ and Joc who I will forever see as a Dodgers.

  2. So, we knew we would miss Joc and Kiki, but it turns out that it wasn’t the production that we would miss, but the energy and the enthusiasm. This year’s team, with rare examples, seems to be on auto pilot. Good enough to be competitive, but not dominating like they were expected to. It’s like 2018 all over again, except both the Giants and the Padres are better than the Rockies were then.

    1. Completely agree. Many of us knew that we would miss Kike and Joc but the absence of their energy and enthusiasm is significant (as we are seeing.) I, too, feel that this season is strangely reminiscent of 2018. Although we did got to the World Series that year, we did not have the Padres and the (all of a sudden) unbeatable Giants to contend with on our way there. We did, however, have passion for the game and a determination to compete. Right now, for the most part, we look lackluster and lost. Come on Dodgers, turn this around!

  3. Joc’s relationship with his brother is incredible. Joc is a great person with big heart. I wish we still had him. Great move by the Dodgers to give Champ a world series ring. Compassion and class. Well done!!!

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