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Dodgers: Justin Turner Blames Sloppy Play for LA’s Swoon

The Dodgers had tough questions to answer during postgame interviews after getting swept by the San Diego Padres this week. Starter Trevor Bauer stated that the Dodgers didn’t match the Padres intensity. Dodgers veteran Justin Turner believes they lost all three games due to sloppy play.

“Obviously [we] didn’t get very good results. Didn’t play the cleanest of baseball. I think we’re all looking forward to getting the opportunity to play them again.”

Turner and the Dodgers will get that opportunity again on August 24th when they return to San Diego for redemption.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get much better as the team returned home to Los Angeles only to be no hit by the Chicago Cubs.

Turner Credits Defense of Machado

Back to the San Diego series, in addition to the uneven play, Turner gave high praise to the defense of former teammate Manny Machado. In particular, Machado’s near catch in right-center, while in the shift, of a deep Muncy fly ball.

“It’s basically playing with four outfielders. It’s pretty remarkable he almost got to that ball that Muncy hit. Guy hits a fly ball to the warning track and he comes within inches of catching it, that’s pretty crazy.”

Turner was then asked if he took issue to how the Padres utilized an extreme defensive shift to neutralize the Dodgers bats. After getting thoroughly throttled by a division rival, Turner wasn’t about to make excuses.

“I don’t have a problem with it. The rules, right now, you can put all eight guys in the outfield if you want to. Manny does a good job of getting deep and when he gets the ground balls hit to him, he charges hard. He has a really good arm. It’s a good defense for them.”

Each time the Dodgers were close to regaining any offensive momentum, Machado seems to make a spectacular defensive play.

This edition of the Dodgers-Padres saga did not go as planned for Turner and the Dodgers. That being said, it’s a long season and the Dodgers still have nine games remaining against the Padres.

Certainly an opportunity to look forward to.

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  1. Give their braintrust credit for using the talents of Machado and motivating him to be Johnny Hustle which he scammed the Dodgers. Padres totally humbled the Dodgers to a state of oblivion. No contest. Dodgers need a complete cleansing and a new look. The game of Baseball, admit it or not has a lot of superstitions believed by everyone in an organization. For starters, some of the guys look sloppy and sluggish…. tighten up and trim off all the excess hair; get rid of all that gold…it’s not working…ii’s bad karma showing off your money and always getting tangled around your neck symbolizes you getting choked; next get rid of that stupid looking” dunking on the head”….stealing from another source is not original, be a leader not a copycat; and finally HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE all the time …..getting on the field, getting off the field, BB, ground balls, fly balls, running the bases, HR’s…..LOOK ALIVE OUT THERE ! What’s so hard to run hard. Some of them need to get into a high protein diet….need less body fat and more lean muscles…. not as athletic and conditioned.

  2. Turner can blame what or whoever he wants but the reason or blame is on the fact that Dodgers are an inferior team to the other good teams in the league and the offense just isn’t as good as Roberta or anyone else thinks And the farm is pretty much empty of any promising players as well. There might be 1 or 2 exceptions as far as minor league players go. But it could also be a result of the lower draft picks due to Dodgers first place finishes in last several years.

  3. If they are going to play Pujols against righties, they might as well activate Andre Ethier. He’s about 4 years younger.

  4. The dodger line-up is a problem. Pulling JT from the start is a real mistake as he has been coming through in just about every game. I think it would be better for Turner to bat 4th. Cody 3 or 5. Everyone needs to ask JT what he is doing different. I think Albert should be in for a DH or pitch hitter. We really need to sit down and examine ourselves. AP. is to slow getting around the bases and we need every edge we can get. Maybe you need to stop guessing what the pitcher is going to throw and hit everything he throws at you

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