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Dodgers: Questionable Pinch-Hit Decision Costs LA Their Win Streak

The Dodgers were in a perfect decision to make another comeback win on Tuesday night. Just as they had over the weekend, Los Angeles fell behind early only to put up runs late. But it was a decision by Dave Roberts in the 7th inning that might have cost them the game and their season-high 7-game winning streak. 

Trailing by 2 runs heading into the 7th, the Dodgers got things going against Junior Fernandez. Trea Turner reached on catcher’s interference, Freddie Freeman singled, and Will Smith drove in a run on a single of his own. Justin Turner drew the walk and that set the stage for what we were all hoping would be the comeback. 

Roberts opted to go with Max Muncy over Trayce Thompson against the righty. That prompted the Cardinals to immediately go to their bullpen and bring out a left-handed pitcher to face Muncy. The Dodgers infielder flew out to shallow center and could not get the run in. Hanser Alberto and Cody Bellinger also could not get the job done behind him.

“I think we got a great situation. I loved where we were at. It just didn’t work out.” -Dave Roberts

Muncy is now 9-for-61 (.148) against left-handed pitching this year. Meanwhile, Thompson has hit .357 with runners in scoring position, and he’s been about the same in high leverage situations. Regardless of whether he is facing a righty or a lefty, the Dodgers should not have gone away from Thompson there. 

Doc did not play the numbers, opting instead to go with a gut feeling in bringing in Muncy. It was the wrong call in this particular situation. But as we all know, hindsight is 20/20. Had he left Thompson in and watched him fail to drive int he run, Dodgers fans would likely be talking about how he should have made a move. Onward and upward.

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  1. No one would have said he should have pinch hit Muncy. Roberts the Clown is just plain stupid. He tried oh so hard to lose that game and he did just that.

    1. Dave needs to get over his Muncy man crush. It is time for a change. Bring up Vargas and sit Muncy.

      1. Muncy man crush – so true. Dave is trying to prove he is right – ego. My 8 year old grandson said they were going to bring in a lefty. Lefty vs Muncy – righty vs Thompson – duh

      2. I regret trolling Dave in last year’s playoffs: “pea-brain”. He’s among the best managers. I couldn’t manage the ball dudes.

    2. The other big question is why did he leave White in so long. As far as Muncy he should be sent to to Okla. till he proves he can hit. Did not agree with last year and Belli even tho he provided good defense, but Muncy is more a liability at 2nd and 3rd. Vargas is long overdue for his chance. Between Muncy, Belli and Tasylor @ close to 40% SO rate 3 big holes in the lineup.

    1. DR is the Mr. Magoo of managers, “Oh Magoo you’ve done it again.” He consistently pulls the wrong string. If he didn’t have an All Star Budget that keeps him in blue chippers and mega buck stars he would be gone.
      FIne pull the hot Thompson but why put in a .160 hitter when you have Lux hitting over .300 and who has become a good 2 strike hitter who rarely gets doubled up. My voice is gone from screaming at my TV for all of his boneheaded moves !
      Give Muncy a bus ticket to OKC.

  2. LOL… and Roberts blows another one.. but that is par for him…. he is very good at blowing games.. check his record LOL

  3. Roberts putting .160 Muncy in the 4-5 hole consistently is the definition of insanity. He really needs to be sent to the Instructional League until he has rehabbed properly. Take Bellinger with him. His defense can be replaced by a guy who can actually catch & HIT, Barnes is garbage, can’t believe they resigned him 2 more years with a stud stuck in AAA. Taylor is 160 lbs who upper cuts EVERY swing like he’s Stargell. Maybe Roberts thinks every struggling player will come around like JT but that is highly unlikely. IMO his lineup should be :
    1. TT
    2. LUX
    3. Betts
    4. Freeman
    5. Smith
    6. JT
    7-9 Depends on who’s pitching.

    Of course Roberts will continue to listen to his favorites & hope that the Clueless come back to life, instead of actually doing a MLB Manager’s job.

    Oh yea, Bickford & Kimbrel should never see the light of day in ANY pressure situation. Really need to go after Nader now that he’s on the market.

    Sorry for the rant. but I had to get it out

  4. I will never get it Muncy and Bellinger should not be in the lineup for a team with WS aspirations. Muncy should be in the minors and Bellinger should be traded for a serviceable OF that has a chance to hit maybe some team wants his glove and Alberto is a glorified cheerleader the couldn’t have had a worse setup for thta inning unless Barnes was alo up and he was on deck!

  5. All is accurate, but I MUST add the righty pitcher for ST. Louis in the 7th, couldn’t get an out!!!! STRUGGLING, to say the least. You don’t give them a reason to take him. Dopey Dave has no clue. I’ve said it on here before, I’ll say it again, word around MLB is…the way to beat the Dodgers is make Roberts make decisions.

  6. Doc’s gut feeling to go with Muncy over Thompson was more of a stomach-ache for Dodger fans who like myself are tired of Roberts going with a feeling instead of going with true hitting science. Congrats! Doc for another gut feeling that ended up losing it for the Dodgers.

    1. Don’t you love it when the announcers say the Dodgers have a lot of depth? Yeah, they’re great at pop-ups to the outfielder with bases loaded, no outs. And then there’s K’ody.


  8. Man this bonehead Robert’s gonna make another bad call when it really matter and it ls gonna cost us a trophy. Wtf is he all up in Muncys ass! The dude is struggling batting .148 takes out Thompson who’s been hot and playing well why not leave him in there! What ab idiot!

  9. I think that it’s time for Friedman to look deeper into the managing of the team, …. too many costly mistakes have been made through out the years by Roberts that have cost the team to loose,…. We have a great team,… but not a great manager

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