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Dodgers Remaining 2020 Needs Discussed by MLB Network

The subtitle is the truth. The Dodgers do not have any glaring needs, but one. The Dodgers are projected to win their eighth consecutive NL West title in 2020 are the current favorites to win the NL pennant. They are littered with top-flight talent and top-flight prospects. They have a bright future and a bright present.

However, the Dodgers biggest need is a superstar.

While the Dodgers’ current roster is set up well for contention, the addition of a superstar via trade now that the free agency window has basically passed is the best way to provide a much-needed jolt to the Dodgers clubhouse.

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In a recent segment on MLB Network, Anthony Castrovince of discussed the Dodgers and their remaining needs. He gave the Dodgers a ‘freak-out meter’ of a 5.1 on a 10-point scale, meaning he is only mildly worried that the Dodgers have done nothing so far this winter.

Still in a Good Spot

The Dodgers remain in an excellent position in 2020 despite only truly subtracting this off-season. They signed Blake Treinen, but lost Hyun-Jin Ryu.

“With the Dodgers, I’m going to put the worry at a 5.1. That was Hyun-Jin Ryu’s WAR. Losing Ryu is the big roster loss for the Dodgers, but I am of two minds with the Dodgers. On one hand, they won the division by 21 games last year and they have depth everywhere. They project to have an above average player at every position on the field in 2020. They have upside in the rotation with Julio Urias and Dustin May. They have further upside in their lineup with Gavin Lux and Alex Verdugo. There is a lot to love about this team.”

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Tremendous Upside

The team does have tremendous upside and it would not at all be surprising to see them win 106 games again. They have a roster that seems to consistently be supplemented with young talent.

“On the other hand, it is okay for Dodger fans to freak out. They lost two World Series and then did not advance out of the first round.”

Holding Out Hope

The Dodgers still have time before the season starts to get something going and Castrovince believes something could still happen:

“They are pegged to be in on every superstar in the market via free agency or trade and so far here we are in December and nothing has happened. I still think something could happen. It is a team with enormous depth in the minor league system and a lot of payroll flexibility.”

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Can’t wait for the certain fans comments about how this guy and that guy will be a superstar so there’s no need for any improvements because…106 WINS!!! Oh that’s right none of these Dodgers have brought a World Series Win here

    1. 106 wins, but let’s look at how…

      Ryu was the best pitcher in baseball for several months, and he pitches in dismal Toronto now.
      Bellinger was the best player in baseball for the first two months, but wasn’t nearly the same guy in second half, or particularly the playoffs.
      Kershaw managed to hide his declining stuff/velocity until October for the most part
      The rest of the division was truly awful.

      Not sure how many of those things will repeat. The team didn’t get out of the first round last fall. We cannot stand pat.

  2. Likely to win the division title and the NL pennant. Why would this be satisfactory to any Dodger fan?! The fans want what is called a WORLD SERIES pennant.

  3. If the Dodgers only goal is to win the division, they don’t have to do anything!
    If the goal is to win the Pennant, I think they will have to get passed the Braves assuming the Braves resolve their 3rd base issue satisfactorily. The Dodgers can maybe best the Braves if all their kids progress as hoped. If all the regular players have good years. If Seager stays healthy and the bullpen gels. Then they might get by. The problem isn’t with how Dodger players perform in regular season. It’s how they perform in the playoffs! And other than Turner, most Dodger players don’t play well in October!

  4. The Dodgers need a superstar if they want to win a championship they can’t do it with what they have. What they have other than Turner choke on the playoffs. They need a proven postseason performer. As we all know they won’t do anything the ownership dose not care. The fans need to boycot to send a message.

    1. That’s what has been said on MLBN, the fact the team lacks a real superstar now of any kind. A lot of interchangeable parts that Roberts and Freidman love play shuffle board and musical chairs with but IIWII and not much more to be said either.

      1. “Shuffleboard” and “musical chairs”. That is exactly correct, and that is most unfortunate. AZUL, you should write for the newspapers; I would read your column every day. Go Blue!!!

  5. Munch, Turner, Bellringer are the only untouchables! Munch shows up in Oct as well. Buehler is the only pitcher! Hard to win when you don’t have enough star players when it counts!!!!

  6. So–guess you guys would be satisfied with being like the Cubs? They won a Series. They are saddled with debt. And have dis-satisfied players. And Rizzo, Baez, free agents 21,22. Bryant? And like LA, they have a big television contract. I don’t think we want to be like them. Didn’t make the playoffs last year or the year before (lost 1 game wild card). And probably won’t next year. Our young players are becoming vets. And many have been to a Series before. So, we need to go at it again. A man once said “You won’t know how to win till you know how to lose”. We have the taste of defeat in our mouths. We have some solid, solid players. I hear all the negativity; but we just won 106. Odd. And we have reason to be encouraged going forward. Smith, May, Buehler, Bellinger, Verdugo, Muncy, Seager. Just to name a few. So how about jumping on board the train? Instead of watching it go by then saying you were on board when it reaches it’s destination.

    1. Actually, as a 55 year Dodger fan, I would rather see the Dodgers win a World Series than be consistently above average every year. I would trade a decade like the Giants just had with three titles and seven bad years for the one we just had with all those division titles. I won’t be looking fondly back on the 2010s as some legendary time in Dodger history.

      1. Oddly enough, me too. A fan since after the Series in 63. I was a 9 year old (soon to be) and was a Yankee fan. Watched Maris, Mantle get dis-mantled by outstanding pitching and defense and timely baserunning — and — solid fundamentals. Was won over by my best friend who was cheering for the Dodgers. My wife and I live in Cub/Cardinal territory. So we see a LOT of disgruntled Cub fans. And a lot of arrogant Cardinal fans. You need to take heart. May and Lux both have EXTREMELY high ceilings. Watched a couple games a week all last season. Lux is like a LH Bryant. Watch him bat. Had solid fundamentals at second base, too. And May has simply electric stuff. He reminds me of a young Kershaw (pitch count, getting himself in trouble then working out). I am really sold on these guys. I hate losing the series (or not going). But 46-66 we had a great run, and 70-81 we had a great run. This has all the makings of the same.

    2. Wayne the Cubs are a great example of how to win the World series! Rizzo,Bryant,Russell Baez etc are Farm home grown players that the Cubs stuck with and then the Organization went all out signing Lester, Chapman to name a couple big name free agents! They also brought in a bonfire baseball guy in Joe Maddon to run the team! The Cubs were like the Dodgers in they had the pieces from their system but no big time free agents or a coach to lead them! Management went all out to win!!! And wah lay!!!! As soon as the org spent money, they win the World Series! All of this with a old beat up ball park with much less attendance and no giant T.V. monopoly! They ended a Curse for their fans!!! They are what the definition of a loyal fan base is all about!!!! Look at the likeness between them and the Dodgers of now, only difference Dodgers won’t go all in and bring a 33 year drought to a close because they are tight azz’ s that have a superiority complex over their fan base like a totalitarian regime over its citizens! Darn right we would take a Championship every 5 to ten years rather than 30 to40 !!!!!!!

  7. If you follow the game of baseball closely you see your team as a fan. We have to win the championship EVERY year. Here’s the problem. They’re so many things including luck that make you a World Champion. Ask the Yankee fans they hadn’t won in a while either that’s why they paid Cole. Honestly all sports ( including baseball) are a business. We the fans have NO say in the who signs who. Great for conversation but we’re not going to convince any brass to sign ANYONE just by talking on a group forum.

  8. Exactly what I told Wayne Ron! The fans are viewed as coins in their purse! And Kasten and Friedman talk down to Dodgers fans! The Cubs went all out for their fans and won it for them! The only way ” their” business gets recognized by them is when people quit paying top dollar to watch the Dodgers triple A team at Chaves Ravine , and them to spend a hundred million on some Blue paint.

  9. I have been a die hard fan since 1959. Even though I like the man, I really feel the Dodgers would have been more successful in the 2017 and 2018 World Series if not for the bonehead pitching moves of Dave Roberts. They would have won the 2017 and at least extended the 2018 another game. True the hitters choked, esp in 2018, but Roberts did a weak job of managing. He should learn from his disasterous mistakes or he should be replaced asap.

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