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Morosi Talks Dodgers Need for Big Bat and Starting Pitcher

After the Dodgers notoriously whiffed on this year’s top free agents — Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon — the club is under possibly the most scrutiny it’s been in recent memory. The Dodgers fell short in the postseason and in the off-season yet again, and many thought this would finally be the motivation the front office needed to make a splash in free agency.

However, there is still a possibility to fill needs via the trade market and some of the second tier free agents, which is what MLB insider Jon Morosi discussed on the latest episode of the Rich Eisen Show.

Morosi noted that the Dodgers need a reliable bat that will bring consistent energy to the clubhouse, which is a role he feels Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado fits well, no matter how unlikely a trade to LA may be. Morosi also likes the Dodgers making a trade for Francisco Lindor, as the two parties have been linked more and more in recent weeks.

“If they don’t bring in someone who has that positive personality and energy to go along with great talent, the defining story for them in spring training will be why didn’t you get it done in October,” Morosi said. “And why will October 2020 be different than October 2019, or 2018 or 2017, when you weren’t good enough either to win the World Series?”

While Morosi believes it is “paramount” the Dodgers add a big bat to their lineup, he believes it is just as important for them to find another starting pitcher considering they may likely be parting ways with both Hyun-Jin Ryu and Rich Hill.

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Morosi notes that acquiring both won’t be easy, and will likely mean the club will have to part ways with some highly touted prospects.

“They have to find a way, in my opinion, to add one credible starting pitcher and optimally, one difference-making bat,” Morosi said. “The cost of that in a trade may well be Gavin Lux, but … they have to find an answer for their fans. Something positive to hold onto.”

As we’ve noted several times this off-season — and already in this article — this winter has come with expectations for the Los Angeles front office. Back-to-back World Series losses followed by a first-round exit in 2019 is a step backwards that has brought anger amongst the masses of fans. While Andrew Friedman and company shouldn’t look to make a move based on peer pressure, suffice it to say that importing Blake Treinen — a player that was technically DFA’d by his former team — isn’t quite the complete off-season win anyone was looking.

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  1. The only thing this organization can hope for is that the penny pinchers finally realize they may ” own” the players and the trade mark money rights, and the stadium and land, but they don’ t own us the fans. We are the ” only” thing they don’t control. Kasten showed us exactly how he\ they perceive we the fans in speaking for us saying mngt takes it harder than we do! Our fans work all day to spend our hard earned money, and we after 33 years demand ” they” spend it! Its a shame its about them and us! The disconnect has been caused by them, they,lying and promising us/we that they would spend our money! If you look around at other org’ s the teams that actually win world series have a connection between their fans and org. One example ” we are giants” the once door mat for our Dodgers now have 3 titles and 4 pennants since 02. Cubs fans,red Sox, cards all have fans that are proud to talk about the org. I was at the Yankees series this year, sat by numerous Yankees fans who all felt our mngt just needed to pull the trigger and sign some winning players. Even other fans know what our problem is, but since we do our share showing up and paying a lot to be there, the mngt won’t do their part. One side of the relationship gives all, the other not so much! Total disconnect and lying and stealing. There is no other way to view it!

    1. You know what they say when one side of a relationship gives all and the other doesn’t… time to breakup

    2. Kirk, you saved me some posting space because what ya say here you KNOW it’s exactly how I feel about this team and FO as do most of the fan base on here and elsewhere.

    3. Considering the fact that attendance was at an all-time high would think there is little for LA to worry do realize that 29 of 30 teams don’t win the WS every year and that LA gets as close as it does is a blessing to us fans. I remember many a year growing up that the Dodgers were pretty much out of the running on April first.

  2. Wow. You guys have a $170 million dollar payroll, the best roster in baseball, and a loaded farm system, and you’re worried about trading a prospect for a bona fide superstar in his prime like Lindor because you might not be able to extend him? You don’t know how good you have it. You brought in a small-time penny pincher in Friedman to run a Fortune 500 company, and if you don’t watch out, you’ll still be sitting on all your prospects and no rings when Kershaw hits the wall in a couple of years.
    Carpe diem.

    1. That’s exactly it. A penny pincher to run a Fortune 500. And that’s why we’ll sign anyone or trade any prospects. Duh

    2. I agree. ..and guess what? Kershaw seems to have already hit the wall in my view.

  3. Andres, have you been following things closely? Rendon did not want to play in LA and no offer was even made.

    You can say that the Dodgers whiffed on Cole, but it’s pretty clear now that he wanted to play for the Yanks.

    1. What ya say means is that Dodgers are not an attractive team to play for at this time, it’s as simple as that and Roberts is the real issue along with Andy, his puppet master as well.

  4. Steve, waiting around? They wasted kersh in his prime by waiting around! Ned was rolling, spending, got Greinke to give the rotation what kersh needed. Then Andy came in and started money ball, the rest is self evident!

  5. How many of you still wish we had signed Machado or Harper after the MVP years they had?

  6. I wasn’t too in on harper since he was another left handed power bat that the team already had. Machado was a big mistake though. He was the r- handed power bat the team needed. Seager could have easily gone to 3- rd last year. But of course Manny wasn’t that ” positive” p.c. chummy influence with sugar plums clubhouse guy the Dodgers always allude to.

  7. As long as they keep making $$$$ And making the playoffs, the front office isn’t going to make any big moves. Keeping prospects instead of trading them is their way of continuing to be marginally in the WS hunt while staying below the luxury tax line. The Yankees (who I absolutely hate) will go all out to win a WS, LA will settle for reclamation projects.

    1. I am beginning to think that the only way to wake up Andy and Co. is if in 2020, the year Dodgers host the ASG for the 1st time in 40 years, falls on the waste side with 100 losses, that might do it but don’t hold your breath here.

  8. I’m totally disgusted with the FO and its only mid-December. Today, Kluber and Baumgarner were signed by other teams. Combine that with not extending an offer to Rendon!!!!! The ship of state is in need of repair!!!! Go Blue!!!

  9. The Dodgers are a company who only sees profits. They will acquire marginal stars as long as we fill the stadium. Divisions and sometimes pennants will keep the loyal fanbase coming so that is enough for the franchise. I am from the Koufax years and would like to see the front office listen to the fans and pull the trigger

    1. So you are saying Walter O’Malley listened to the fans? How about his son Peter? Year after year LA would struggle to compete under family ownership. And though it has been awhile since their last WS win you’ll be hard pressed to show me a team with a better FO model year in and year out.

  10. first off i have to say they won over 100 games ,
    so i would say they have a pretty good team, but there is always room for improvement.
    They wiffed on pitchers left and right but cole was going to yankees… and rendon didnt want to be a dodger!
    they needed to resign ryu right away kershaw is slowing down, and jansen is too , its very evident they were good but not great !!
    They have the farm but for whatever reason they are holding on , i hope they make some changes bring a bat (lindor) and a starter kluber, and relief hader..
    we shall see!!

  11. It is hard to stop laughing loudly after reading these comments. It is not that it is so funny, because it is absolutely pathetic and delusional! Look, this regime in LADs land since the Big Billions Purchase has shown their cards unabashedly and consistently! They first screwed the greatest fan base in pro sports by exporting their control of LAD TV Broadcast to a 3rd Party erstwhile prostituting themselves for $8.25 BL Rights Contract. As a 35+ yr successful Businessman myself I find that hard to accept! LADs are a Public Trust! A big thanks for all your loyal years of support LAD Fans…LOL!
    They make as much profit as any other NA Pro Sports Franchise and are highly profitable(save for paper shuffling & tax planning!). The regime has not strayed an iota from their plans…but on the cheap, invest in development, and stay competitive while topping of on Earnings! Sound for any business, but sad for a Public Trust like the LADs! These are simply billionaires keeping their streamlining revenues in full production! Fans can have an effect only if they jointly boycott Tickets, Merchandise & show their disdain in every way that affects the “Bottom Line”. I have already stopped my support of this unscrupulous regime! Love the Team but have full disdain of the entirety of this Profiteering Regime! Stan Kasten is the Head of the Snake for me!

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