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Dodgers Reportedly Remove Trevor Bauer’s Bobblehead Giveaway Amid Investigation

The Dodgers are still waiting for MLB to make a decision on how to proceed with Trevor Bauer. That may take some time as local authorities also seem to be taking their time in making a decision with Bauer. 

While they wait until the situation plays out on all fronts, the Dodgers are doing their best to control what they can still control. Apparently one of those things that they can control includes cancelling a giveaway. 

One observant Dodgers fan noticed on Tuesday night that the Dodgers appeared to cancel Trevor Bauer’s bobblehead giveaway. That was originally set for August 19th in a game against the Mets. It was later confirmed by the LA Times that the giveaway had indeed been cancelled. 

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The Dodgers have not officially commented on the move as of Wednesday morning. But fans are hoping there will be some sort of compensation in place of his bobblehead. Many bought their tickets well in advance hoping to secure the giveaway. 

Los Angeles could presumably pivot to another giveaway, but there is no indication as to what that would be. We’ll try out best to keep you up to date with that information as it is released by the team. 

For now, Bauer remains away from the club on administrative leave. The league is allowed to hold him out for 7 days before requiring approval from the Player’s Association to continue holding him out. It seems at this point that there will be no efforts on their part to stop that from happening. 

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  1. Come on give the guy a break. Let him answer us. Don’t right him off for the whole season. hew still is a great pitcher and we can if necessary rehab the guy. Kind of like Madea last year. The guy who, well you know.

    1. It’s time to stop defending horrible people because they’re really good at throwing a baseball.

  2. The Dodgers discovered that the manufacturer forgot to put the “choking hazard” on the box so they had to pull the bobble head.

  3. I’m pretty certain Bauer will never pitch for the Dodgers again. Which suits me fine. I just hope they can void his contract.

  4. The Dodgers need to honor their commitments. There is nothing wrong with giving out his bubble head. Why are you projecting that he will be guilty and no charges have been filed against him just a Keep away from her order. You need to give out what the fans want

  5. Don’t worry “Illegal Choke Hold Bauer” fans,you can still purchase his building a brand items through his website.

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