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Dodgers: Max Muncy Reveals His Injury Is Worse Than Previously Reported

Every Dodger fan winced in pain and later had their hearts sink after seeing Max Muncy get hit trying to stretch for a ball at first base. For those who don’t remember, Muncy suffered an elbow injury during the team’s last game of the regular season against the Milwaukee Brewers.

That injury ended up costing Muncy a chance to help out the Dodgers during their postseason run and his absence was felt as the team routinely struggled to produce at the plate. Dave Roberts and the team downplayed the injury and gave hope that Muncy could return if the team continued to advance. However, that may not have been true.

During an interview with Alanna Rizzo on High Heat, Muncy gave an update about his recovery and revealed that he tore his UCL. 

“It’s a little slow. I’m not recovering as quick as I would like, but that’s what happens when you do some serious damage to your body. A torn UCL is a slow process. We’re coming back. Everything is going according to plan and thankfully it is the offseason so we can come back from that.”

Notably, during the postseason, the Dodgers and Max only offered up that the first baseman had dislocated his elbow, not that the UCL was torn while adding that there was “some other damage in there.”

Muncy didn’t mention when he hopes to resume baseball activities, but the hope is he should be ready for the 2022 season. Thankfully the injury is not to his throwing arm, but if there are any lingering effects and he does need to miss some time, it will be an early blow for the Dodgers. Of course, Muncy won’t like having to watch his team compete without him as he mentioned it was painful to do just that during the 2021 postseason. 

“That was one of the hardest things I had to go through in my career. It was just trying to bring any fire that I could bring from the dugout and try to help the guys out in any way that I can. But it’s just you know, it wasn’t quite the same and it was very frustrating to watch it and not be able to be put there with the guys.”

Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that and we can see a healthy Max Munxy crushing home runs and fueling the offense once again.

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    Max S gone$
    Kershaw retirement
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    Tough to repeat but Roberts will.

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