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Dodgers Reveal First Look at New City Connect Design

After weeks of speculation following some fan photos that leaked on social media, the Los Angeles Dodgers officially revealed their 2024 City Connect uniforms Monday. The Nike-designed jerseys are the Dodgers’ second set of City Connect uniforms, a first in MLB.

The new set is less explicit in its goals than the all-blue “Los Dodgers” jerseys that underwent several changes from its initial iteration. Take a look:

The font used to write “Los Angeles” on the front of the jersey pays tribute to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where the Dodgers originally played when they moved to California, and one of the most historic venues in the city.

The jersey also features the hashtag #ITFDB, which stands for “it’s time for Dodger baseball.” Legendary Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully would say this phrase at the beginning of every Dodger home game, and the team has adopted it on its social media platforms.

The cap features the signature “LA” combined with the scripted “D” from the classic jerseys. It also features a “galaxy of the stars” in the background — not pop tarts sprinkles — which are meant to represent the diversity of the city, according to the team.

These new uniforms will first be worn by the team on Saturday, when they play the Los Angeles Angels at home.

The original city connect uniforms paid tribute to the team’s Latino fanbase and featured “Los Dodgers” on the front of the jersey. That uniform was all blue, and featured a matching cap which also said “Los Dodgers.” The team later switched up this initial uniform by pairing the blue jersey with white pants instead of the all blue look.

What do you think of the new look?

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Dodgers, Hunter Kondo

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  1. They’re horrible as usual. Nike sucks. Why trust them, they messed up NFL informs as well.

  2. What is wrong with the current uniforms. They are perhaps the best in baseball along with the Yankees. Seems someone always has a better idea that is a waste of time. What;s the old adage “If it a’int broke don’t fix it”.

  3. They look horrible. No matter how they try to spin their description of it in a positive and historical way, it’s still an over all bad design.

  4. Horrible, just like most other “city connect” jerseys! They look like a Ram’s knock offs.

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