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Dodgers: Roberts Defends His Decision to Leave Julio Urias in the Game

Saturday night was by far the worst that the Dodgers have seen Julio Urias in quite some time. The left-handed hurler surrendered 11 hits and was tagged with 6 earned runs across just 5 innings of work. To say the least, it was a nightmare. 

But Julio got hit hard early, giving up 5 runs in the first 3 innings. That led many Dodgers fans to wonder why he came in to pitch the 4th and the 5th innings with the offense trying to keep it close. Urias gave up 2 more in the 4th and managed to get through scoreless in the 5th. 

When asked after the game why Doc stuck with him as long as he did, the Dodgers manager defaulted to where they were at in the line. Julio was facing the bottom of the lineup heading into the 5th inning, so it made sense to not burn him. 

You know I think that it’s not about I didn’t have to, I just felt that his stuff was still good. I’m not putting him in harm’s way, it’s the bottom part of the order, the pitcher being one of them. I just think it’s a smart baseball move. And again, we have 6 of our leverage relievers that didn’t pick up a baseball today.  

The Dodgers have obviously had to go to their relievers often this weekend, throwing a bullpen game on Thursday. So it sort of makes sense trying to get the most that they can out of Julio even when he was getting hit hard. 

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But the fact remains that he was getting hit very hard, and wasn’t missing many bats at all. The Dodgers would go on to score 6 total runs in the game, but not nearly enough to overcome the 11 runs but up by the Giants. 

On to the next one. 

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  1. In defense of Roberts, there 4 or 5 grounders that got through that could have been outs. Even 2 of them being at someone would have made a big difference. Julio was not having a good game, though, and that last inning could have been a good psychological move.

  2. Please don’t defend him. He’s been making alot of mistakes recently especially with this pathetic lineup he puts out there.

  3. Part of this is because of the BP game on Thursday and yet another scheduled for Tuesday. Robert’s over all decision making and in game management still leaves a lot to be desired. Dodgers cannot expect to successfully continue with BP games which will burn out the BP later in the long run. Oh. and again playing with a short bench is just plain STUPID. GET a 5th starter to fill in until Gonsolin is fully ready to return.

  4. I am concerned that Roberts brought in Alex Vesia with us down 7-4 (we’d cut the deficit
    from 7-2 to 7-4) and Vesia allowed the Giants to score 4 runs in the 7th and 8th to put us out of distance. Why go to Vesia with 2 runners on and he has usual allowed those 2 and 2 more thanks to 2 walks and 2 hits (one a HR) in 2/3 of an inning.? Why is he still in our bullpen?

  5. As the Giants pounded hit after hit it was clear to me that Urias was only throwing fastballs. This pitcher has a problem continually throwing spit balls. By doing this he lost control of his pitches. Every single time this guy wet his finger with his mouth and does not wipe it off he wild. He has been lucky and does not have starter capabilities.

  6. He also left Kershaw pitch 5 or 6 when he’s getting clover so why not Julio 6 runs is not a disaster for our lineup just our guns are starting to light up. No concerns he already got his 10 win today.

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