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Dodgers: Roberts Does Not Think Kenley Jansen Had a Bad Game on Wednesday Night

Wednesday was supposed to be a really fun night for Dodgers fans. And for the better part of the game, it was great. Fans showed up to Chavez Ravine to watch Max Scherzer make his debut and they were rewarded with a huge performance. 

Scherzer came out and tossed 7 innings of strong baseball and allowed just 2 earned runs. Mookie Betts blasted 2 homeruns and at one point, the Dodgers had a lead of 6 runs. But the Astros slowly crept back into it against the Dodgers bullpen and made it too close for comfort in the 9th. 

That’s when Kenley Jansen entered the game with a 4-run lead. Jansen gave up a leadoff single to Aledmys Diaz and followed that by giving up a 2-run shot to Kyle Tucker. Dodgers fans let out a collective deep groan fearing that they were about to witness another meltdown in the 9th inning. 

Dave Roberts wasn’t convinced that it was a terrible outing. 

It’s easy to look at the base hit and the HR but I think that the 22 pitch exercise what he did was pretty good. Like I’ve said all along, we need him to be good to be these best version of our ballclub.

To his credit, Kenley battled back and struck out the next 3 Houston batters to get out of it. The Dodgers ultimately won the game, but it’s difficult to ignore his struggles in the second half of the season. 

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Jansen has now been charged with 10 earned runs since returning from the All-Star break. He has allowed just 2 homeruns over that span, but he has also walked 6 and give up 10 hits. The Dodgers need him to be good to be successful in October. And right now, he’s just not good. 

That can change. 

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  1. Something’s really odd about Dopey Davey’s affection for Kenley Jansen. Is it the dreadlocks? It can’t be his horrible pitching. Dead from the neck up Roberts is gonna cost us big time by his blindness toward the ineffectiveness of Jansen

    1. I think that somebody in ownership or the front office is protecting Jansen, and I have my suspicions as to who that is.

      I don’t think that even Dave Roberts is dumb enough to be bringing Jansen in and letting him blow games — unless he’s being told to do so.

      1. If that is true, my suspicion would be right and Davey Dingbat is nothing more than a puppet.

      2. Who is it? And yes Roberts is a puppet it explains all of the baffling choices over the years

  2. Jansen again struggles in relief, but Roberts says he’s doing fine, just fine. Does anyone know where Roberts buys his “rose colored glasses”? Ebay? Amazon? Delusions R US?

  3. They need Kenley to be “good” because they didn’t go out and get Kimbrel at the deadline. But “needing” Kenley to be be good is different than Kenley actually being good. More importantly, they need the lineup and the starters to give the team a 5-6 run lead going into the ninth.

  4. 5 pitchers have a higher batting average than Bellinger too. This team wins IN SPITE OF Roberts.

  5. [sigh] What’s it going to take for Roberts to take off his “KJ pitched well” glasses and see reality for what it is? Kenley Jansen just doesn’t belong as the Dodger closer any longer and shouldn’t be given the ball unless the Dodgers have more than a 7 run lead. KJ is doing the exact opposite of what a closer should be doing: not giving up runs in the 9th inning and getting the batters out.

    As it is now, the efforts (and money spent) to make the Dodgers the favorites to win the 2021 World Series is being wasted if Dave Roberts is going to get superb pitching efforts from his starters only to have it wasted by putting KJ in. What a waste.

    1. DS, I’m not sure any lead of 7 or more is enough for a Jansen appearance.
      Then as an insult to the fans he walks off the mound with that smug look thinking – I’m the hero again – . Wake up Roberts (and FO) this guy is finished.

      1. You’re right. Look how close KJ came to blowing the save last night. So, I’ll amend what I wrote to say KJ SHOULDN’T be given the ball unless… well, I can’t think of when he should be given the ball in a closers role again. He just doesn’t have the tools to do it on a consistent basis any longer.

        And to Dave Roberts, just because KJ got the next 3 outs doesn’t erase the fact he also gave up two runs. The same goes for getting a save. Even a blind squirl find a nut once in a while. It a doesn’t mean the squirl won’t starve. And it doesn’t mean KJ has found his old groove again.

        1. FINALLY. Yep. Because he benched your boy! You know you are now arguing with yourself. Even LAST year, Jansen couldn’t be trusted when it counted.

  6. Nice bounce back win by the Dodgers last night.
    Regarding Kenley:
    The axiom “Can’t live with him, can’t live without him” applies, at least in the mind of Dave Roberts.
    In the bigger picture, last night, the fact that the Dodgers had 7 runs on the board after Pollock’s 2 run HR in the 3rd (followed by a Bellinger Double), but they didn’t score even 1 more run the rest of the way–is a bad habit the club has to clean up.
    They even wasted a leadoff Double by Seager in the 5th.
    The comfortable 7-1 lead became 7-2, then 7-3, then 7-5 with Kenley still on the mound. I give him credit for getting the next 3 outs, but the count on the final batter was 3-2 before the K, meaning that Jansen came very close to having to face a hitter who would have represented the tying run. Who knows, maybe Roberts would have then brought in Treinen.
    As we’ve seen in past postseasons, thankfully, with the exception of last season, the Dodgers habit of scoring early runs and building early leads and then trying to hang on for dear life, is very risky. Championship teams do a lot of their offensive damage in the middle and late innings of games. The Dodgers need to start doing that more often and make it a habit, especially with their BP issues.

  7. If the Dodgers only had a 1 orl 2 run lead this would have been yet another blown save. Jansen is not a real closer. I’m not sure he has ever been one. A real closer doesn’t come in and open the door for the other team before he rallies to finally shut the door if he can. Sorry, but Jansen is not a “shut down closer” that a championship team needs.

    1. When you say “I’m not sure he has ever been one” I’ll assume you mean this year. If you mean in his career, you couldn’t be more wrong.

  8. Roberts is a total a..hole ! He is the main reason this club is under achieving. Bellinger playing what a joke, Kenley is not a closer.

  9. Roberts needs to be fired. The worse a player is performing (Bellinger and Jansen for instance), the more that idiot Roberts uses them. Roberts needs to be fired right now.

    1. hahaha and replace with ? how about last year’s world series winning manager? yes that’s the ticket

      1. Dave only FINALLY won a WS because he had Uris save game 6. Jansen’s 5.14 ERA for the post season was too much even for Dave.

  10. Of course the inept and clueless Roberts didn’t think it was such a bad outing. But his thinking and affection for KJ will keep this team from going deep into October.

  11. Wonder where’s the communication between the BP and DR before Jansen comes in? I’m quite sure BP coaches monitor how KJ’s command on pitches, velo, and movement during warmups. If He doesn’t have it, DR should be told to be on the watch. After his first couple of pitches, you could see his velo was down to 90mph w/ no cut. He switched to some breaking balls and was having trouble w/ command. He could not locate his target w/ any of his pitches. He had one @ 95 mph for a strike but that also missed the called target. Once the leadoff batter got on the red flag should have been raised, then Tucker hitting that bomb, KJ should have been taking out and replaced w/ Treinen. He was having trouble w/ the bottom of the lineup and the top of the order looming. The team didn’t need to have this superb performance by Scherzer and the offense putting on a show all go to a waste. Yeah, he redeemed himself but you’re playing w/ fire……KJ should have a much shorter leash…too many chances already have given and got burned.

    1. has to face 3 hitters minimum – remember? Kenley is fine. pitched with a 4 run lead, and came back to strike out the side

      1. Striking out the side (as you’ve mentioned numberous times, is still just 3 outs.

        AFTER giving up 2runs in the 9th, 99 SOs is not good enough.

      2. Yes, I forgot, I was totally infuriated when KJ and his unreliability, was brought in before Treinen. If in the pen he didn’t have it, and it was obvious in the outset, Roberts had no business bringing him in and risk losing a game the team fought so hard to win. I wouldn’t trust KJ w/ a 4 run lead. His recent outings have shown more BB’s than KO’s. Couple walks, a hit, and a blast from Altuve, Brantley, or Correa would have been very damaging to the psyche of the team. I wouldn’t trust KJ w/ a 4 run lead…he has blown too many of those games. Yeah, when he’s hot he is good, but when he’s not it can be a very bad outcome. The BP coach and Pryor had to know it. KJ was just lucky because the last batter was a rookie pinch hitter from AAA and cold off the bench. He threw 3 straight balls w/ the rookie taking all the way before striking out. All this drama was not necessary. He’s NO CLOSER ANYMORE ! Took 23 pitches to close ….can not be trusted …..end of story.

      3. He gave up two runs! It didn’t matter that he had a 4 run lead. A closer isn’t supposed to give any runs, or letting any runners on base. That’s the opposite of what a closer is supposed to do. He has gone completely off the rails and isn’t a reliable option in close games.

  12. Dave is required to treat his players like glass. They, especially Kenley, cannot handle criticism.

  13. He lucked into the bottom of the order or no doubt would have blown another 5 run lead. There’s no way this guy can be trusted. Delusional Dave would have had to attempt to put out the fire he started with Treinen. DD all excited because he struck out three guys almost as bad as Bellinger.
    May have to suffer through a disappointing post season in hope someone with half a brain realizes Roberts should be in the PR department and nowhere near the dugout

    1. there’s no luck bobbyd as everyone knew the bottom of the order was coming up. that’s why they call it a line-up. doc is just fine in the dugout thank you.

  14. Good job Kenley. A little on edge but striking out people is your job, so you did that. good for you

  15. When is enough enough with this guy! Can he ever have a123 inning? In the end he is going to cost us big time and Doc will stay with him. Should have got rid of Doc,Cody,and 164 Bellinger before the deadline. Pathetic trio!!!

  16. I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Maybe Roberts meant to say was, “for Kenley it wasn’t a bad outing.” In that case his statement would be true! Hahaha.

  17. Ted
    Jansen decline appeared toward end of last year and has continued this year. This team will not contend for a repeat with out a closer. Jansen will cost you in the end, SORRY.

  18. This continued support for Jansen by Roberts brings into question his viability as a leader of this ball club! Fire both!

  19. Bottom line … Dopey Dave can’t manage his team, hasn’t a clue on double switches, bullpen, etc. Remember, our GM was a unanimous exec of the year, and Doc didn’t get one vote for coach of the year. Also, we got Mookie to eleviate decisions that couldn’t make prior to Mookie, and last year, there was an NL DH, meaning less decisions for Dopey. We won’t win it this year, and Roberts is gone. 3 pitchers with Tommie John surgery, and 3 more that can’t throw. Caleb Ferguson should have filed a lawsuit against the idiot.

  20. What does DR call a bad game? Does Jansen ever have a bad game is DR’s mind? When you give up a single and a home run to the first two batters you face as a closer in the ninth inning, you have had a bad game, regardless of what follows.

    1. What about when he gave up 5 runs (4 earned ), 6 hits w/ out getting a single out against them Astros? Does that maybe count or still not a bad game?

    2. And this was certainly a must win game. What I would like to know is why Treinen was not brought in this game either to start inning instead of KJ or right after that single and HR he gave up to 1st 2 hitters.

      1. See Joe’s post above @ 2:32 pm, he also reminded me the rule. I completely forgot about the rule because I was so angry DR brought KJ in to start the 9th. I think others must have felt the same, Paul.

        1. Yes, that 3 batter rule i am aware of but like you and others, was upset after he gave up that single and HR to the first 2 batters. But immediately after that 3rd batter, he needed to be removed. Better yet, not be brought in at all in the first place.

  21. You are the closer….you close down the other team! You give the Astros 3 runs with1 out you are
    a problem for your team (especially when it’s a habit). Get real Dave!!!

  22. It shouldn’t be Dave Roberts making the decision on sending out Cody to rework his swing and can’t return until he dramatically solves it. It should be Mr. Friedman’s as general management. No fans would criticize Friedman making the move. Dave Roberts wouldn’t then need to defend the easyiest spot in the lineup. No questions: When Trea Turner arrives, he must be in the lineup daily and Cody out every day to try to stop crippling the Dodgers. Go Dodgers! Put in the best lineup.

  23. That goes to Show the intelligence of ROBERTS thinking ,totally absurd, Jansen is the only Supposedly CLOSER who takes forever to end a game , has no consistency whatsoever ! You just know it is going to be a long , dramatic and painful inning to watch ! Imagine being on the field as a player , what the players must feel , probably saying OH ! NO ! PLEASE ! HERE WE GO AGAIN ! Because they are together everyday they can’t say any thing , but we , I’m sure know what they feel when he enters the game , Sometimes a ray of light will filter in but mostly after some damage has been done . Wake up FRONT OFFICE with what is going on !!! DAM IT !

    1. Did you see JT’s demeanor when Diaz led off the 9th with that hit? KJ had 2 strikes on him and an outside cutter was targeted, KJ came inside with a flat cutter right in his wheel house. As the ball was hit to JT’s left, he just stood there in his stance and watched by just turning his head as the ball was whizzing by. It’s almost looked like he was muttering to himself “oh sh##”.

  24. Actually he’s right, for Jansen it wasn’t a bad game. A bad game is 3 runs or more before he gets an out.

  25. Jansen is doing just fine. Hmmm???? In his last 5 games, he pitched a total of 3 innings while giving up 9 ER. An ERA of 27.00. Should the Dodgers not win their division, could the blown saves against SF be considered the turning point? Jansen just lets too many get on base. I remember reading that if the first batter of an inning gets on base, he will score 60% of the time. Last game, the first two up — single and home run. Jansen is just not that dominate anymore.

  26. Roberts hasn’t been fired because I believe he’s a FO puppet. Plus despite all the seemingly illogical actions or inactions he’s taken, the Dodgers have still managed to win and stay in the pennant race. It’s perception. Also, it’s not his style to throw any player under the bus, no matter how bad said player performs. He’s always going to put a positive spin on things, or water down his remarks like when KJ blows a save. His style is to instill confidence in his players. Not a bad trait in my opinion, but at some point it goes too far and people need to be held accountable for poor performance. As for the real reasons why KJ and Bellinger continue to be put in games where they jeopardize winning games, I have no clue.

  27. Bellinger can’t hit can’t catch the ball CAN’T throw the ball so he should TAKE himself out of the lineup

    1. He can’t hit, but you’re wrong about his defense. Belli is still an elite defender, and baserunner (when he makes it on).

  28. Roberts denying Jansen’s problems; leaving Bellinger constantly in to strike out over and over; pulling starting pitchers too early with a weak bullpen; etc., etc., etc. Just one bad coaching decision after another. Then he always says “things are fine”. Has he ever considered that his loyalty to particular players that are losing games for them must be having a demoralizing impact on the rest of the team?
    He wants to be a pal, and not a coach. Can’t do both. He’s gone after this year if they don’t win WS again. And they won’t.

    1. Let’s wait and see if the team comes together healthy first, then see how they perform with Scherzer and Trea. I think if they all come back 100% from the injuries, they will catch fire and win it all. I also don’t think SF can keep up this monstrous pace they’re on this year. As for SD, they won’t be able to keep pace with big brother down the stretch.

  29. If any consolation to Jansen’s fans, Craig Kimbrel just blew a 4-1 lead in the 8th against the rival Cubs who traded him to the Sox. However, the White Sox have the other half of the two headed monster in Hendricks coming in a tie game. Have to leave now to watch the finish.

  30. It sure was not a “good night” for Jansen (which I guess Roberts did not say either.) I am tired of seeing Jansen brought out in the 9th only to have (what by now should be anticipated) traffic, a high pitch count, and runs come in. Those two games against the Giants, where he imploded, were absolutely ridiculous. At this point, fans are frustrated by the blown saves; our opposing teams know that they stand a good chance to play catch up at the end of the game and win; and, Jansen looks terrible. Enough is enough.

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