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Dodgers: Roberts Mentions Possibility of a Joe Kelly Suspension and Astros Retaliation

The Dodgers and Astros still have to play one more game before they get separated for a few weeks. The two teams will not meet up again until August, but they’ve got to get through one more without brawling.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke with media this morning ahead of tonight’s game.  When asked about the possibility of a Joe Kelly suspension, Roberts admitted the league had already contacted him. 

MLB has already reached out to both sides and is currently looking into the skirmish. Per Roberts, the league was very unhappy that the two sides were able to get that close to one another. It’s worth noting that the Dodgers didn’t venture out of their dugout nearly as far as the Astros did. 

I got a call this morning from the league, and they’re kind of trying to be swift about this. So they’re kind of taking information from all parties and they’ll make a decision. But right now, I don’t know the outcome. 

If Kelly were to be handed a suspension, it would create an interesting situation. That would mean a Dodgers player was suspended more than any Astros player from the 2017 cheating World Series team. 

The pitch that sailed over the head of Alex Bregman is likely the one that will land him a suspension. The benches-clearing incident is apparently not the main issue in terms of determining his suspension at this point. The Dodgers do have plenty of relievers who could replace him out of the bullpen. 

What’s Next

After tonight’s game in Houston, the Dodgers will head to Arizona for a four-game series. Los Angeles has yet to announce a Friday starter after Alex Wood hit the IL, but a member of the taxi squad is likely. Roberts also mentioned players from the USC location as potential candidates. 

The Dodgers will head to San Diego for a series against the Padres before getting back home to face San Francisco once again. That will be another four-game set between the division rivals. 

Dodgers: Houston Manager Blames Los Angeles For Tension Between Teams


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  2. Suspended for not even hitting an opposing batter? Nonsense. But if MLB is stupid enough to do this, announce it now, so we can actually nail some Asstrole hitters tonight. If you’re going to get suspended, you may as well get your money’s worth

  3. Correa, quickly becoming the bad man of baseball. If he had any brains, he would just take it in the ribs next time and walk quietly to first. Because he has a big mouth and no sense, he’s going to get some of his teammates hurt.

  4. Well, sure, because we can’t really penalize someone for cheating that led to a championship, but we can suspend someone for retaliating.

  5. Manfred = Love for Cheaters
    Manfred should be fired for protecting the cheaters he has no honor or shame

  6. I commented before but I’ll do it again. The painting is on the wall, it goes to show, the comish, assterisks and probably other teams have it in for the Dodgers and they’re going to everything to keep them from getting the championship. I wonder which eight men (or teams ) are out this time. If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the movie or read the book. The game has gone o the dogs.

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