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Dodgers: Roberts Talks Albert Pujols’ Presence in Lineup and Clubhouse

Albert Pujols is rekindling some of the vintage magic with the Dodgers that made him one of the most terrifying hitters in all of baseball over a decade ago. 

No, he’s not the perennial MVP candidate that he once was during his years with the St. Louis Cardinals, but his impact remains profound and aligns perfectly with the type of ball that the scorching hot Blue Crew demands, says manager Dave Roberts. 

“With our club, the bar is high and it’s supposed to be high when you play for the Dodgers,” Roberts said. “When you have Albert, what he’s done, what he does in the clubhouse, it makes sense.” 

In the Dodgers matinee against the New York Mets on Saturday, Pujols, sporting his royal blue “Los Dodgers” city connect jersey, unloaded on a fastball for his 677th career dinger, bringing him inches closer to Alex Rodriguez on Major League Baseball’s all-time home run list.

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It comes as great news to the Dodgers skipper that “Tio Albert’s” impact extends well beyond the playing fields. Though Roberts is not surprised to see Pujols’ productivity in his limited role with the team either. 

“To play for our club, we expect performance so that was the bet,” Roberts said. “So to know that and to expect him to come in here and impact our club offensively and to see it play out as such is great. In the clubhouse, what he’s done for some veteran guys, younger players, pitchers, relievers, all of the above, he’s impacted in some way shape or form. 

While his role is marginal, don’t allow the future Hall of Famer’s role to be mistaken for obsolete.  

“He’s been a game changer,” Roberts said. 

Pujols is hitting .243 with 15 homers and 45 RBI’s on the year with the Dodgers and Angels.

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  1. The Dodgers have brought veterans like Chase Utley to the team. Pujols is a lock first ballot HOF player. You can see he still has love for the game. What a mentor to have in the clubhouse!
    Pujols has added significantly to the Dodgers offense against left handed pitching. Last night was a great example

  2. Albert Pujols exemplies a joy for the game.
    He is light hearted and fun and his spirit levels the playing field, especially when guys are struggling….
    His smile is infectious and leads by example.
    He leads by serving; a recipe for another Championship…

    1. I concur. Also they need to extend Trea Turner as well because it’s likely Seager will be taken elsewhere in FA after this year and I know nobody wants Dodgers to be left with Lux as the everyday SS.

  3. Pujols is contributing more them Bellinger , he don’t have the flexibility other players have but his bat is amazing and the love he has for baseball is shared in his hugs.

  4. Albert…..what a guy! He knows HOW to win and I believe you can see that is bleeding off onto some of the rest of our players. I truly hope we keep him after this year. And Trea Turner as well. Trea is a ballplayer. That is enough said……hang onto him…..his kind don’t come along every day.

  5. Big Al, his addition has been enormous in so many ways. Hopefully he will get resigned. What trade for those two, get out the checkbook and lock Trea & Max up. Whatever it takes because money is no object when it comes to talent especially if the Dodgers want to stay on top & competitive !

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