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Dodgers Rookie Gavin Lux Switches Uniform Number to 9

BREAKING NEWS!! Well, not really… but still something that technically qualifies as news. After making his debut and playing with uniform number 48 in September, Dodgers rookie second baseman Gavin Lux will be switching to number 9 in 2020.

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No word as to why he made the change, but the question will assuredly be answered during spring training.

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Most recently, jersey number 9 was worn by the since-retired Kristopher Negron. Before that, non-roster infielder Daniel Castro sported the number for a short time in spring training last season. 

Perhaps most famously, Wally Moon wore the number in the early Los Angeles days of the Dodgers franchise. Of course, former Dodger Yasmani Grandal hit 89 home runs over 4 seasons in Los Angeles wearing that particular number. That home run total of 89 is the most by a player wearing the number 9 in the history of the franchise.

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Of other recent rookies to make the switch between seasons, (now former Dodger) Alex Verdugo made his MLB debut wearing 61 over parts of two seasons before switching to 27 just before opening day in 2019.

All told, Lux retires the number 48 with a career .240/.305/.400 triple slash line, recording 2 home runs and 9 RBI in 23 games.

Importantly, at least one MLB pundit predicts that Lux will win the Rookie of the Year award in 2020. If he does, he’ll at least partially have this new uni number to thank.

And there’s everything you’ll ever need to know about Dodgers in the uniform number 9. Apologies to Dee Gordon fans.

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  1. I am a Jersey numbers guy. I like the switch for Gavin. 9 = an infielders number much better than 48. Now on to DPrice. His # 10 is taken by the Red Dream. Not sure if a Rollex gift is going to change that. Might I suggest # 18 in honor of our dearly departed Maeda San? 50 is no good for Mookie. Hope he goes with 27 or 28. Much better numbers for an outfielder. 50 is for relief pitchers.

    1. Betts should wear 32. Mookie is 32 in reduced gematria. Price is 51 in ordinal gematria he should wear that number

      1. Not sure if you’re joking but 32 is retired ala Sandy Koufax. He should take 27 and Dustin May needs to get that 85 ST number off his back and exchange it for 25.

        1. May should wear 36 his name is 36 in reduced gematria. Mookie Betts is 44 in reduced that could be his number

  2. I hope he changes some other numbers too. Last years 240 BA and 305 OBA aren’t exactly rookie of the year caliber numbers. I’m not like alot of others who have already put Lux in elite company. He’ll have to actually do something before receiving awards.

    1. 106, I’m with you and Smith also! Remember Smith supposedly replaced the #2 over all catcher in baseball so he better hit over 250 with 20 dsingers, and be the best pitch framer in the game. Remember if he slumps again or gets hurt, that means Barnes is back.

    2. why is he listed everywhere as the 2nd baseman?! he came up in Sept and was in the postseason without proving anything!! not impressed by him and with the special treatment he’s recieving. starting in the nlds over the veterans who actually did something in game 3?! i was all for the rookies until sept when he came up and now i am just over them.

      1. and also smith too. he slumped in nlds and still played over barnes. roberts do not know how to manage or he just love the rookies only

        1. One of my big complaints on how they run this team. They did that with Seager in 2015 he had one month and then was starting in the playoffs and looked terrible. Lux had a month and a half and wasn’t impressive yet started in the biggest games of the year, Smith did nothing the last month or so yet started over Martin who had a great game the one chance he got. Lots of clutch guys sat on the bench that series when the starters were putting up amateur at bats

  3. I think Dad would be pleased to see a talented, young rookie wearing #9 for the Dodgers. Of course, Dad’s number with the Cardinals (20) has been retired for a long time now. My daughter used to be asked if she wore #9 playing soccer because of Mia Hamm (who has her own connection with the Dodgers), and she’d tell people, “No, it’s my grandfather’s number.”

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