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Dodgers Rotation Concerns, Does LA Need to Trade For Starter, Bullpen Turnaround, All-Star Voting | Blue Heaven Podcast

Our Doug McKain and Clint Pasillas are live on YouTube right now for the Blue Heaven Podcast. You can join by clicking the video at the top of the article or by clicking right here.

We have a lot to talk about on today’s show, as the Dodgers are coming off a strong 4-1 week with series wins over the AL West’s Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros.

The Dodgers bullpen looked much better, but the offense began to struggle at points. We’re going to go over things we liked and things we didn’t like from the past week, and put our trust levels in each pitcher at this point in the season.

We also have to talk about the struggles of Miguel Vargas, and debate if it’s time for him to be sent down and Michael Busch to get a runway at the Major League level.

Additionally, we have to talk about All-Star voting, as the Dodgers have four representatives vying to be starters in this year’s game.

Lastly, our very own Doug McKain was at the Blue Diamond Gala this past week, so he’s going to tell us all about what he saw and give us some inside scoop on the event.

As always, this is a live show, so we want your takes and thoughts on all these topics and more. Also, bring any Dodger related questions you may have, because we’re always happy to go off topic to answer what you guys want to talk about.

See you in the live stream!

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